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Update from the Chair: March Event Date Confirmed

To all Mercer SuperCycle 2021 Riders and Support Crew,

In last week’s email I undertook to update you after the Board meeting of 24/2/21. The Board met as scheduled and as you would expect COVID-19 and the impact on the 2021 event dominated the agenda. 

I thank those of you that have provided us with your messages of support and / or feedback.  My offer for you to contact me to discuss any concerns remains. 

At the meeting of 24/02/21, Board resolved that at this point in time the ride will still proceed as planned in March 2021. Board updated its assessment of the situation and further discussed proceeding as planned in March versus delaying the ride until October. We continue to take into account the latest information pertaining to borders, from health authorities and any recent developments. We also considered the feedback from participants and our consultation with our key sponsor and partner. 

As outlined in last week’s email, Board has developed a COVID-19 Strategy to provide the event leadership team with both risk control and contingency plans. Rider and support crew safety, health and wellbeing remains the highest priority of the Board. The preservation of Mercer SuperCycle’s great reputation and proud history is also factored into our risk assessments.

At this point in time all State borders are open. If prior to the commencement of the ride, closures or restrictions are re-instigated, the Board will consult with impacted participants and Mercer Executives regarding whether or not to postpone the ride until October. Undertakings previously made to participants and the actual likely number of participants in October will also be taken into account. 

The kits for the 2021 ride have arrived and are currently being distributed. Please continue to train and fundraise in anticipation that we are riding in March as planned. A reminder that fundraising is due by 08/03/21. Board does appreciate the unavoidable cancellation of the 2020 ride may be creating some challenges. Nonetheless, we ask you use the great cause we are supporting as a motivator, and we remain focused on achieving this final target of $187k to pay off the fourth premises.

Ride strong, ride safe, stay healthy.

Kind regards,

Jim Jeffery (Jimbo)
Chair – Mercer SuperCycle Board