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Update from the Chair: COVID-19 Strategy

To all Mercer SuperCycle 2021 Riders and Support Crew,

I write to you to provide a quick update on the planning for the 2021 ride. I am sure you all appreciate the challenges that COVID-19 continues to inflict upon the Board. The Board is continually assessing risk and very closely monitoring the situation across Australia. 

A COVID-19 Strategy has been developed to provide the event leadership team with both risk control and contingency plans. Consultation has and is continuing to occur with our event sponsor Mercer and our partners at The Hospital Research Foundation. Rider and Support Crew safety, health and wellbeing remains the highest priority of the Board.

Key components of the strategy include:

  • The appointment of a dedicated COVID-19 Marshal for the event;
  • The training of all support crew in COVID-19 mitigation/prevention strategies;
  • A change in some protocols and procedures on the ride to reduce the risk of infection and to promote hygiene;
  • The very close monitoring of news and health bulletins; and
  • Pre-planning to ensure interstate participants are promptly conveyed to the airport should there be an indication of imminent COVID-19 inflicted border closure.

At this point in time the Board is still intending to conduct the ride in March 2021. At the upcoming Board meeting on 24 February 2021 we will be updating our assessment of the situation and further discuss proceeding as planned in March versus delaying the event until October 2021. In doing so we will take into account the latest information pertaining to borders, health authorities and any recent developments. I will update you after the above meeting. In the meantime, I encourage you to train, plan and prepare for the event proceeding in March as planned.

I am aware of one or two riders having some hesitation about riding in March due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation. There are also numerous riders that have indicated they are unlikely to ride in October due to the challenges of training through Winter and there being absolutely no guarantee that the COVID-19 risks will have reduced by October.

I invite any Rider or Support Crew member to personally contact me should further clarification be needed and/or to discuss any concerns. 

Kind regards,

Jim Jeffery (Jimbo)
Chair – Mercer SuperCycle Board