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Under Our Roof remains open during COVID-19 outbreak

We are proud to share our Under Our Roof accommodation services are still running for country cancer patients during the COVID-19 outbreak!

During this difficult time, we understand now more than ever people need our support, which is why we are fighting for the vulnerable in our community, like Harry and Audrey Wynbergen.

The Marion Bay couple has to travel to Adelaide every six weeks for Audrey to receive regular injections for leukaemia and are grateful to have access to our homes in Woodville West.

Audrey’s husband Harry was extremely relieved when they found out their accommodation was still available during this time.

“It definitely eased the pressure of not having to find alternative accommodation. We’ve stayed in the homes multiple times now and we know it will always be nice and clean, especially as Audrey’s immune system is very low,” Harry said.

“It’s difficult in these times as we both are trying to protect ourselves as much as possible as I’m also a cancer survivor; I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma only four weeks after Audrey was diagnosed.”

Currently, Audrey receives her injections at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), but this will change due to the RAH treating patients with COVID-19.

Audrey & Harry

“Next time we travel to Adelaide I will receive my injections at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which is a lot more convenient as it’s right near our accommodation,” Audrey said.

“It’s a beautiful place and it’s good to know we have a proper home to stay when we travel to Adelaide.”

Despite the threat of COVID-19, The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) has worked tirelessly to keep our service up and running.

THRF’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Flynn said sticking to SA Health guidelines had been paramount to ensure each house was thoroughly cleaned, especially now with COVID-19.

“As South Australian’s largest health charity, it is incumbent on us to do all we can to protect the health and wellbeing of our community, especially our most vulnerable,” Paul said.

“We are taking all the necessary precautions to accommodate those who stay in Under Our Roof, including a two-person limit (patient plus carer) and a strict ‘no visitor’ policy for the length of their stay.

“We understand a cancer diagnosis is very difficult for a person and their loved ones and we hope this is one stress we can ease for them, especially during this challenging time.”

We will keep fighting for the health and wellbeing of all South Australian’s during this time.