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John and Judy

Still grieving the loss of his loving father who passed away from prostate cancer at the age of 94, 68-year-old John Murray found himself diagnosed with the same heartbreaking disease in June last year.

Living in Whyalla, John was forced to travel to Adelaide for treatment where The Hospital Research Foundation’s Under Our Roof homes provided him and his wife Judy a place of comfort during a devastating time.

It was during a regular check-up that John’s doctors discovered his PSA level was high. A biopsy soon confirmed news John didn’t want to hear.

“When I was first diagnosed I was shocked, I had just seen my father lose his life to prostate cancer and I was about to face the same battle,” John said.

The treatment John opted for was brachytherapy, where radioactive seeds are injected into the prostate, damaging the cancer cells and destroying their ability to divide and grow. Having to undergo this operation at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, John and Judy had concerns about where they would stay.

Luckily, they heard about the Under Our Rood homes from two of their friends who had both previously stayed at the homes while undergoing cancer treatment.

“The Under Our Roof homes played a massive part in my treatment. It eased my stress when I had to stay in hospital for my operation knowing Judy was staying in the comfort of an Under Our Roof home,” John said.

“There was enough room in the home that I was able to have people come down and visit me which lifted my spirits immensely. Considering what was going on, it was lovely to have somewhere like Under Our Roof to stay during a difficult time.”

Despite Judy being stressed and worried for John, she too found comfort in the home.

“I had seven hours to wait while John had his operation and I didn’t want to hang around the hospital all day so I came back to the home. It was a tranquil space for me. Even though I didn’t stop worrying it was nice to be somewhere private,” she said.

Today, John is happy to share his PSA levels have dropped and he has received the news from his doctors he is now cancer free!

“I’m feeling great now and I can go back to enjoying my life with Judy, my family and friends. I am extremely grateful of the outcome and am happy to say I am cancer free.”

You can help create a home away from home for country cancer patients. Click here if you would like to support Under Our Roof through Mercer SuperCycle 2020.