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Training Ride Wrap – 3rd Feb

A wrap up from SuperCyclist Jon Holbrook on the 3rd Feb Training Ride…

We had a great training ride on the weekend. Three of the four Marks, Leo, Matt, and Paul Wight, who came out for his first ride with the group and acquitted himself very well.

We also had our first flat tyre of the 2013 ride, with Matt’s tyre going off with a spectacular bang on Port Rd. Fortunately nothing too serious.

After getting quite serious about the paceline up Port Rd and Victoria Rd, we were then stalked by some weirdo taking photos of us all the way down to Glenelg (aka Ray Morris and his granddaughter). See some pics to the right.SuperCycle Training Ride 3rd Feb

Stopped for a nice coffee at LaMusette Glenelg, before heading up Cross Rd, where we lost a few riders. I made it up to Eagle on the Hill, with Mark Elliott and Mark Day getting to the bollards.

The group is coming along well, but there’s still a bit of work to do.

Next training ride on Feb 17.

Jon Holbrook