July 14, 2017 0 comments

Support Crew Testimonial – Tria Goode

“I’ve taken part in Mercer SuperCycle for the past 2 years, as I enjoy the camaraderie and working for a beautiful cause.

Mercer SuperCycle 2017 was a week spent with a group of dedicated people, both riders and volunteers all working to the same goal – to raise money for The Hospital Research Foundation’s (THRF) Under Our Roof project, but was also a fun week with a group of like minded people interested in giving something back to society in a way that is hard work and also very rewarding. 

I became involved in the Mercer SuperCycle Support Crew through friends who participate and volunteer. My husband and I are only social bike riders, so it was not as though I needed to be a part of it to support him (or vice versa), rather I had time to offer and wanted to offer my help.

It is not a week’s ‘holiday’ however, it’s a week of putting yourself out there for a great cause, seeing our beautiful countryside and meeting people from those country communities who do need support from charities like THRF. 

You will be richer for the experience!”

Tria Goode, Support Crew, SA