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Support Crew Testimonial – Anita Romleigh

Anita & Gina

This April I participated in Mercer SuperCycle for the first time.  I’ve attended a number of fund raising events over the past few years and seen how hard everyone involved works, so decided to join the support crew this year, with sponsorship from Mercer.

It’s a huge event for all involved; the organisers, volunteers and riders all play important roles over the week – and of course the months leading up to the ride. 

It was great to see how the event all comes together, with amazing team work and communication.  I built on some existing friendships and found some new mates too.

One real highlight was seeing one of the houses built by the charity, which is in full use by cancer patients and their families – it felt like a safe, welcoming home rather than a clinical or transient setting.  So much nicer and restful than an anonymous motel room.

Another great thing was talking to people in the community, including school kids, who ask some tough questions! Even random people on street were really interested and we even got a $50 cash donation just handed straight over when we mentioned why we were in Adelaide at the end of the week.

Mercer SuperCycle was great fun, challenging and ultimately very rewarding.

I’d highly recommend joining the support crew in 2020 – I’ll definitely be there!

Anita Romleigh, Mercer, VIC

Anita & Gina