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SuperCycle is back with a Super Cause to match!

We are ecstatic with the success of our inaugural SuperCycle event earlier this year and now we have our sights set on making the 2013 challenge bigger and better. The race is on for us to put even more committed cycling buffs on their bikes for the next week-long challenge with the date set for 7-13 April 2013.

We want you to consider joining us for one of the most exhilarating and rewarding cancer fundraiser rides in South Australia!

The Hospital Research Foundation partner with SuperCycle

Not only are we excited about another challenging and memorable ride next year, we are delighted to be supporting an extremely important cause with our 2013 efforts. Together with our charity partner; The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF), we will be raising vital funds to build accommodation for country patients undergoing cancer treatments in Adelaide.

For those of you who don’t know, SuperCycle was born from a group of colleagues in the South Australian superannuation industry with a goal of developing an exciting and challenging event to raise money to help people living with cancer, a cause that is close to the hearts of all involved. The evolution of this goal is a seven-day 1020km cycling tour through some of the most picturesque regions of South Australia.

SuperCycle is a fantastic way to see some of the most beautiful parts of South Australia.

“Our first event was such a blast. We laughed, joked, sang and the welcome we received from the communities we rode through was fantastic; we met so many wonderful people,” said SuperCycle Founder and Chairman Mark Day.

“SuperCycle is a classic win, win and win. As riders we get an opportunity to tackle a challenging ride through some of Australia’s most scenic outback, we get fitter and healthier in the process and as a result of our efforts, we’ll be enabling those less fortunate and hopefully providing a slightly easier path in their battle with cancer.”

A strong personal connection to the fundraising cause continues to play an important part in the SuperCycle initiative.

“I recently lost my sister to a brain tumour and my mother died as a result of leukaemia,” said Mr Day.

“Both lived in the city and fortunately accommodation during treatment was not an issue. However, for those living outside the city it’s a very different matter; not only do they have to endure weeks or months of treatment whilst fighting cancer, they have to leave friends and family in the process and try to find somewhere to stay, close to their hospital.”

SuperCycle together with THRF wish to answer this need by raising enough money to build accommodation suitable for country cancer patients to stay in with their families during treatment, close to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH).

TQEH is a major cancer treatment facility in South Australia, housing the largest breast cancer clinic in the state. Hundreds of rural cancer patients visit TQEH every year for specialised cancer treatment.

The Hospital Research Foundation CEO Paul Flynn said teaming up with SuperCycle fits perfectly with THRF’s commitment to supporting families living with cancer in SA.

“Funding for cancer research represents a large portion of our commitment to medical research every year, and helping cancer patients by providing exceptional care and convenient and comfortable accommodation is a significant part of that,” said Mr Flynn.

So with our sights set firmly on making family accommodation a reality we are calling for riders across the nation to get involved in the 2013 ride.

To become a ‘SuperCyclist’, there are a few requirements so visit the Join Us page to find out more. Above all you must love a challenge and be open to a truly memorable experience.

If you’re not a cyclist or can’t afford a week, we’d still love to enlist your support. You can join the day ride, sponsor a rider or alternatively, you can become an event sponsor; each leg of the ride will have naming rights. Naming rights opportunities are limited, so get in touch ASAP via the contact details on our Sponsorship Page.

For more information about becoming a rider visit the Join Us page. If you’re interested in Sponsorship check out the different packages available on our Sponsorship page.

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