July 14, 2017 0 comments

Rider Testimonial – Tom Byrt

“I’ve ridden in every Mercer SuperCycle since the start in 2012!

Mercer SuperCycle is so well organised. We all ride together as a peloton, the support crew are amazing, the food and accommodation are top notch and everything runs so smoothly. Safety is also really important to me and of all the road riding I’ve done in my life I’ve never felt safer than when riding in a Mercer SuperCycle peloton.

The best thing about Mercer SupserCycle is the people. Every year it’s always such a great bunch and we have so many laughs all week.

It feels like a holiday, with a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, but it’s also a huge physical achievement and it makes a real difference helping people’s lives. A win on all counts!

If I could say something to someone considering participating in Mercer SuperCycle 2018 I would say.. do it! Form a team, train together, and fundraise together. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Tomais Byrt, Bendigo Bank, NSW