August 11, 2017 0 comments

Rider Testimonial – Jamie Hollamby

This was my first year participating in Mercer SuperCycle 2017! I know Mark Day through work and he asked me if I was interested a few years ago before I even owned a road bike. I’m now addicted to cycling!!!

The best thing about this ride is the feeling you get when you meet the people who have used the accommodation and seeing what it means to them and how it has made a very difficult time in their life a little easier. 

I loved the riding, I loved the people we met and I loved the cause.. so overall I would say I loved the Mercer Supercycle experience!

I would say to someone considering doing the ride in 2018 to take the training and the safety seriously, but beyond that everything is about not taking yourself too seriously and enjoying the company of other like minded people.

Jamie Hollamby, IoMerino, SA