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Rider Testimonial – Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

2019 was my first year as a Mercer SuperCycle (MSC) rider.

I use charity rides to motivate me to “keep peddling” and challenge myself. I’d done a 1-day ride and a three-day ride, so I was looking for a charity ride with 1,000kms in front of it. For me, MSC was a personal challenge to ride 1,000kms and with this a challenge to raise more funds than I have done before – a win-win.  

The support and organisation were amazing and because we’d trained together the camaraderie was great. Personally, the end of day massage was a highlight!

Setting the standard kept me focused on my training, the support including the wine tasting and diners put pleasure into every day, my connections obviously empathised with the cause because we raised significant money, the peloton was full of camaraderie and I loved it when we developed a full peloton rotation.

Maybe I’m naive I didn’t have any concerns, my motto is “if you do the training the event is fun”.

I’m in my sixties I want to challenge myself, contribute to a great cause and enjoy new experiences MSC scores 9 out of 10 for me – Do it!

Bruce Bailey, Pride Living, NSW

Bruce Bailey