Mercer SuperCycle 2021 | Experience a ride like no other, for the last time

2021 Teams

Tyree Transformers

Ride: 100

About us:

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Team Donations: $8,013(Sum of general donations to team)

Team Members: $10,287(Sum of individual fundraising amounts)

Latest Donations

Donated by Doug Schmidt

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Fawzul Ahmed

"Janus Henderson Investors is very proud to be able to support Mark Elliott and contribute to a great cause. "

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Donated by Vicki Shearer

Donated by Katherine Bradley

Donated by Flash .

"Clarkey - you're an inspiration to many, and a gentleman to all.

Well played sir, keeping going strong. See you at coffee soon."

Donated by Flash .

" need for any words other than chapeau!
I'll see you at coffee soon :-)"

Donated by Flash .

"JonBoy - I look forward to many a ride NOT with the aim of making a bollards TT. Well done on all the years of service to the cause, and the litres of contaminant from 4 wheels behind you... ;-)"

Donated by David Hawker

"Great to see you still support such a worthy cause and keeping fit yourself"

Donated by Laura Elliott

"So proud of you Dad and your amazing effort over the past 10 years! Lots of love, Laura & Dragos"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Scott Gillen

Donated by Kevin Jones

"Good work and good kuck"

Donated by Sharin Joshua

"Good luck on your 10th Supercycle ride"

Donated by David Retallack

"Excellent Cause! - hope you have a great day in the saddle!"

Donated by William Earnshaw

"All the best Mark from the team at Solaris Investment Management."

Donated by Stewart Eager

"Hi Mark - another great effort to prepare and participate in this event. Well done and good luck! Cheers, Stew"

Donated by Martin Scott

Donated by Katherine Bradley

Donated by Alison Swart

"money from coins!"

Donated by Ali Tabbouche

"Good luck Mark and well done!!!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Nathan Pensabene Pensabene

Donated by Patrick Makinson

"Fantastic mate. Have a great ride."

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Paul Topping

"Good luck guys, may the wind be on your back"

Donated by Andy Messner

Donated by Lynette Washington

"Well done, Jon. Amazing work over the years."

Donated by Warwick Mancini

"Well done Mark. A great cause and all my respect for doing this. "

Donated by Naz Ressas

"Great cause. Best of luck on the ride and hope you stay in front of the peloton. "

Donated by Johan Carlberg

"Good luck! The team at Alphinity."

Donated by Johnno Cotterill

Donated by Nick Oakley

Donated by Aella Leaver

"Inspiring Jon"

Donated by Jeremy Gordon

"Good luck Mark!"

Donated by David Prescott

Donated by Nigel Miller

"Jon, you are a legend. Congragulations for 10 years of fundraising."

Donated by Mark Day

Donated by Alison Swart

Donated by Mark Elliott

Donated by Brad Loftus

Donated by Jim Jeffery



  1. BATTA

    Gentlemen, socks ordered. We will be a cycling rainbow. AB:)

  2. Rayzor

    My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS, Team, for ALL the contributions and efforts to achieve this OUTSTANDING result.

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