Mercer SuperCycle 2019 | Experience a ride like no other.

2019 Teams

CMI Toyota

Ride: 7 Day

About us:

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Team Donations: $0(Sum of general donations to team)

Team Members: $14,244(Sum of individual fundraising amounts)

Latest Donations

Donated by Robyn and Lydia Berger

"We both appreciate your efforts for this vital cause. Go Roh!!"

Donated by Abel Neighbour

Donated by Nick Mersiades

"All the best Bruce. "

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Donated by Sass G

Donated by Pete V

Donated by Mark Anders

Donated by Bruce Macaulay

"Go Brad, don't foget to lubricate!"

Donated by Greg Tom

"Good effort Bruce"

Donated by Tim Pittaway

"Great cause Brad and looks like a great ride, enjoy!"

Donated by Anthony Smith

Donated by Alexandra Alander

"Great cause Brad! Enjoy the ride!"

Donated by Anne Seah

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Hedley Greenshields

"Good stuff, ride hard!"

Donated by Scott Buckley

Donated by Sarah Hall

"Ride hard! "

Donated by Cameron Hume

"Good luck Brad"

Donated by William Boland

"Grind through the pain mate! Like Cadel transitioning from trail to road, you're gonna smash it! All the best. Will B"

Donated by Peter Revelas

"Good luck, Brad!"

Donated by Brenton Scott

"well done Brad, cycling for a great cause !"

Donated by Liam Doyle

Donated by Rebecca Cornish


"Super effort for a great cause. Good luck Brad."

Donated by Narelle Smith

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Helen Carvosso

"Great effort Brad for a fabulous cause! "

Donated by Chris Cynkar

"Well done great cause. "

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Jim Jeffery

Donated by Lunch Proceeds

Donated by Rohan Hepburn

Donated by Luke Howard

Donated by Helen and ray Morris

Donated by Kay and Bill McCrae

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Amanda Chittleborough

"Have a good ride!"

Donated by Ben Cornish

Donated by Robyn & Ben Harris

Donated by Damien Carey

Donated by ben Ziesing

Donated by Total Tools Lonsdale

"Total Tools Lonsdale proudly supporting Jim's SuperCycle Ride"

Donated by Jane Osborne

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Rodney Naumburger

"Go Bruce!"

Donated by Damien Lawson

Donated by Greg Anderson

Donated by Kathleen Smeaton

"Bruce, all the best. I guess early mornings and evenings each day will be your best times. It's a great cause and will be appreciated by many.

Donated by richard Cumpston

Donated by Peter Fowler

Donated by Karina Kwan

"Bruce, good on you! Your courage is inspiring!"

Donated by Logan Nirmalananda

"Great effort Bruce, wishing you and all of the riders the very best on the day! Rgds, Logan and the Jesmond Group"

Donated by Viv Allanson

"Go Bruce !!! Peddle hard mate."

Donated by Gill Walker

"Ride confidently, ride with Pride!"

Donated by Anonymous

"Have fun you mountain biker turned crazy road cyclist!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by TINA CLARK

"Best of luck Rohan. It's a brilliant thing you are doing in support of great cause. Try and enjoy the scenery along the way !?!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Patrick Delaney

Donated by Declan Watson

"Good luck mate, hope you've got a comfy seat.

Donated by katrina ong

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Caroline Jones

"Well done Rohan! "

Donated by Anonymous

"Go Rohan the Sorcerer!
Team Honeybadger for the win!"

Donated by gerard donnelly

"I'm intent on making you very well prepared Bruce :)"

Donated by Andrew N

"Good luck mate. It's a great cause."

Donated by John Nesbitt

"Well done Bruce.....a great cause, a great challenge and great exercise! Best wishes John N"

Donated by Gail Lawrie

Donated by John Gow

Donated by Ged Stenhouse

Donated by Dane Chan

"Go Bruce!!!!"

Donated by Anonymous

"I trust the ride goes well, Bruce. "

Donated by Oliver Greeves

Donated by Hugh Fitzsimons

"Go Bruce!"

Donated by Chris Westacott

"Good on you Bruce. Good luck."

Donated by Mark Vincent

"Sorry I won't be able to make it to your fundraising lunch Jim - please accept this in lieu!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Deborah Key

"Good on you Bruce. warm regards Deborah"

Donated by Mark Broadhead

"Good Luck Bruce"

Donated by peter Wohl

"Best of luck Bruce - ride hard!!!"

Donated by Mark Scott

"Good luck on the ride - all for a great cause."

Donated by Alison Flannigan

Donated by Joy Leggo

"Well done Bruce for taking up the challenge. wonderful to see Pride Living supporting the community in this way."

Donated by Graeme Wickenden

"Great cause and great effort Bruce. Happy peddling!"

Donated by Cynthia Payne

"Thanks Bruce and good luck with the ride and thank you for supporting such an important cause !!!"

Donated by Godfrey Vella

"Good on ya! Wishing you all the best!"

Donated by Patrick Flanagan

"Great cause. Good luck mate."

Donated by Jim Jeffery

"Jim Jefferies fundraiser"

Donated by Anonymous

"Stay safe and ride well in this challenge. Mum and Dad"

Donated by Bea Vann

"Well done to take on such a massive journey, Rohan. Such a great cause. Good luck. Bea "

Donated by Travis Power

"Good luck with the ride mate. Great cause! Trav, Soph, Abi and Erin"

Donated by Lucy Berger

"What a wonderful cause Rohan. So proud to donate and support you. Good luck and all the best xoxo"

Donated by Brian Benger

Donated by Allan Ford

"Kudos and encouragement !! .. to the cause, your prep and ride .. and the organisers and support staff .. "



  1. BATTA

    Gentlemen, socks ordered. We will be a cycling rainbow. AB:)

  2. Rayzor

    My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS, Team, for ALL the contributions and efforts to achieve this OUTSTANDING result.


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