Mercer SuperCycle 2019 | Experience a ride like no other.

2019 Teams


Ride: 150

About us: TAL is Australia's leading life insurance specialist, dedicated to making Life Insurance easy and helping people get peace of mind & financial security. This is TAL's first year of involvement with Mercer SuperCycle, and continues our efforts to help provide specifically for regional and rural Australians, most notably seen through our partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Team Donations: $19,786(Sum of general donations to team)

Team Members: $5,009(Sum of individual fundraising amounts)

Latest Donations

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by TAL Services LTD

Donated by Courtney Nicolaou

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Donated by Darren Wickham

"Well done guys!!!!! Simply awesome effort!!! cheers Darren"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Bernie Wise

Donated by Ben Reeve

"Great photos and updates, keep them coming"

Donated by Parambir Sangha

"Hope the legs are holding up ok so far! Keep up the great work!"

Donated by Anne Clarke

"Well done! Hope your new bike is holding up."

Donated by Paul Elmslie

"Go for it buddy!!"

Donated by Russell Williams

"Amazing effort and commitment to front up for the Supercycle year after year. Well done Travis."

Donated by Quanyie Tan

"All the best Bozenna!! An exciting adventure for a great cause :) "

Donated by Quanyie Tan

"Awesome stuff Shaneen!! You're an inspiration :) "

Donated by Anonymous

"Have fun B"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Richard Lyon

"Great effort!"

Donated by Tony Smuts

"So impressive"

Donated by Frances Mai

"Good luck team! All the best for your ride!"

Donated by Katie Holroyd

"Go Stephen!"

Donated by Andrew Howard

"Good on you Shaneen! Best wishes for a great ride and a great cause, Andrew"

Donated by John Remedios

"Forget about the losses, you exaggerate the wins
And when you stop to let 'em know
You've got it down
It's just another town along the road

Donated by Andrew Stoneham

"Great effort Flash - hall of famer!"

Donated by Facebook Fundraiser

Donated by Facebook Fundraising

Donated by Iris Maria Bautista

"Go team TAL! Amazing work guys!"

Donated by Bravura Systems

Donated by Jeff Clarke

"A small donation from the UK "

Donated by Xuan Nguyen

Donated by Gavin Teichner

"Amazing Effort. I am so impressed at the dedication and focus that this has taken. You are a superhuman !!!

Good luck over the race. I will rooting for you "

Donated by Gavin Teichner

"Amazing effort. I am truly impressed by the dedication and effort to this cause.

The world needs more you of you. Good luck"

Donated by Mike Nixon

"Good luck you crazy gal"

Donated by Ceri Ittensohn

"Good luck team TAL! Fantastic effort for a great cause."

Donated by Mark Day

"You are a champion Flash!!!"

Donated by Wayne Maroney

"Good stuff mate"

Donated by Margherita Antonelli

"Good luck Bozenna!"

Donated by Giles Hunt

"Good luck, Trav"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Charlotte Nola

"Good Luck Team TAL!!"

Donated by Matt Swift

Donated by Helen Molloy

"Good luck Bozenna! "

Donated by Aaron Newman

"Great work team TAL!"

Donated by Aaron Newman

"Great work team TAL!"

Donated by Aaron Newman

"Great work team TAL!"

Donated by wendell ho

Donated by Ashton Jones

"All those crazy hours spinning will be worth it. I'm sure you'll smash it, Shan! The whole Investments team is behind you. "

Donated by Christine Kennedy

Donated by Maged Girgis

Donated by Shelley Hudson

Donated by Matt Swift

Donated by Anthea Jackson

"Go team TAL! "

Donated by Jorn Are Lundin

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Big fan and I would love to support!
Jorn at LinkedIn"



  1. BATTA

    Gentlemen, socks ordered. We will be a cycling rainbow. AB:)

  2. Rayzor

    My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS, Team, for ALL the contributions and efforts to achieve this OUTSTANDING result.


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