Mercer SuperCycle 2019 | Experience a ride like no other.

2019 Teams


Ride: 150

About us:

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Team Donations: $6,337(Sum of general donations to team)

Team Members: $5,130(Sum of individual fundraising amounts)

Latest Donations

Donated by Glennis & Bruce Ferres Willmer

"Donation in memory of Victoria's late father Jev Ferres who died result of Melanoma March 1980. Awesome effort Kelli.?"

Donated by Anonymous

"Keep doing awesome things!!"

Donated by Jenny Cornford

"Brownies await if I don't see lycra........"

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Donated by Michael Bednorz

Donated by Matthew Bone

Donated by Zita White

"Good luck Kelli & team!"

Donated by Iress Foundation

Donated by Peter Ferguson

Donated by Nizar Ibrahim

Donated by Kelli Willmer

"IRESS Staff Donations"

Donated by Sabrina Rojas

"Rockstar good luck"

Donated by Annette Meyns

"Good luck on your ride Kelli. All the best from the Sydney team via Trivia night."

Donated by Vanessa Dallan

"Go Jim very proud of you raising money for a good cause"

Donated by Claudia Farrugia

Donated by Jason Martin

"Good Luck"

Donated by Bruce & Glennis Willmer

"Best wishes for a successful ride Kelli, a great cause.
Bruce & Glennis - Forged Art"

Donated by Lynne Dhami

"Good luck Jim!"

Donated by Lynne Dhami

"Good luck Jeff - think of the pint, oops I mean schooner, at the end!!"

Donated by Dale Spinks

Donated by Brett Ebedes

"Go Kelli, thanks for doing this ride to support this important cause"

Donated by Michael Bednorz

Donated by Caroline Morgan

"Good luck!"

Donated by Chris Meli

Donated by Sergiy Krikun

Donated by Peter Ferguson

"Go Team!"

Donated by Kelli Willmer

"IRESS Staff Donations"

Donated by Eva Katsios

"Go Jimbo! "

Donated by Theresa Mackintosh

"Hope u have strong legs

Donated by Theresa Mackintosh

"Good luck
From Teresa Mackintosh x"

Donated by Cettina Houston

"Good luck Jimbo"

Donated by Simon Duncan

"I'm donating to you so you can afford to get a headshot done for your profile pic next year. Good Luck Jim! A great cause."

Donated by Andrew Nettleton

"Good luck with the ride!"

Donated by Simon Taylor

Donated by Jack Bo Gao

"Best of luck Jeff and most importantly enjoy the ride! :)"

Donated by Jacqui Carney

Donated by Shane Cann

"Good luck Jimmy

Donated by Victoria Galiabovitch

"good luck!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by bruce hassed

"Go champion"

Donated by Charles Beckett

"Enjoy the ride mate - remember it's NOT a race, just be sure you don't come last - that'd be embarrassing! :) "

Donated by Charles Beckett

"Enjoy the ride and make sure you follow the rules!! Especially the \\\"No photos in lycra\\\" one :) "

Donated by Eric Furniss

Donated by Donna Mee

"Please, keep the lycra closeups to yourselves but enjoy the ride. "

Donated by Beverly Lowe

"Good Luck Michael!"

Donated by Daniel Farrugia

"How good "

Donated by Grant Tyndall

"Ride like the wind Jim?"

Donated by Melinda White

"Good luck Jim! Enjoy your two craft beers at the end!!"

Donated by Annette Meyns

"Good luck staying on your bike. No photos please :)"

Donated by David Ams

Donated by Andrew Raisin

"Good luck Jim, hope there's a beer or 2 at the end..."

Donated by Dave Gordon

"I’ll guess you’ll....ride on, ride on"

Donated by Mark Chappell

Donated by Wayne Farrugia

"Go hard Jim!"

Donated by Beverly Lowe

"Good Luck!"

Donated by Bianca Dalcollo

Donated by Kelli Willmer

Donated by Matt Bone

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Kelli Willmer

"IRESS Icecream Sale"

Donated by Kristina Schuback

Donated by Anonymous

"Donations from Sydney office."

Donated by Daniel Bramich

Donated by Chris Hare

Donated by George Vidinis

Donated by Bob Bosnar

Donated by heshan Jaya

"2 cupcakes "

Donated by Anonymous

"cookies were great"

Donated by Georgina Boots

"Good Luck!"

Donated by Georgina Boots

"Good Luck and great cause. Georgie"

Donated by Stephen Binks

Donated by Nicole Lorrain

"Good Luck team!"

Donated by Leigh Willmer

"Best of luck with the ride!"

Donated by William Northeast

"good luck Kelli your Dads radio mate and fellow cyclist "

Donated by Roger Willmer

"Good on you china, will catch up with you in Burra."



  1. BATTA

    Gentlemen, socks ordered. We will be a cycling rainbow. AB:)

  2. Rayzor

    My sincerest CONGRATULATIONS, Team, for ALL the contributions and efforts to achieve this OUTSTANDING result.


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