Mercer SuperCycle 2021 | Experience a ride like no other, for the last time

2021 Riders/Volunteers

SA Metropolitan Fire Service

Ride: 150

About us: Dylan, Bec, Michael, Andrew, Dave and Jamie are on-shift fire fighters with the MFS and work across Metropolitan Adelaide, from Oakden to St Mary's and Headquarters in Wakefield Street. As avid road riders, the MFS Team is looking forward to facing the challenges of a big week on the bike, with great people and all for a fantastic cause.

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Team Donations: $6,490(Sum of general donations to team)

Team Members: $24,506(Sum of individual fundraising amounts)

Latest Donations

Donated by Michael Cane

Donated by Jamie Cranage


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Donated by Sarah and Peter Dawson

"Well done Marty and team!"

Donated by Shayne Bennett

Donated by Simon hogben

"Gotta get you over the $5k mark.
Well done, great effort (the whole team)"

Donated by Sue Chapman

"Well done Andy! "

Donated by Svetlana Stavrides

"from Svetlana Stavrides"

Donated by Felicia & Jason Goodes

"Well done Forrey! "

Donated by Liam Morris

Donated by Jason Quinn

"Congrats Forry-awesome effort!!!"

Donated by Michelle Green

"Outstanding effort Andrew, well done ????"

Donated by Leonie Roberts

"Congrats Andrew and your team on a huge week!
Leonie and Pete"

Donated by Anthony Beinke

"I’ll be needing a ‘dinky’ for Beinke at some stage .. you better be available "

Donated by Darren Chyer

"Awesome effort mate"

Donated by philip evans

"Well done team !!"

Donated by Grant Bock

"Great effort Forry!!"

Donated by Michael Holding


Donated by Andy Ryan

"Keep going Marty, drinking coffee and beer that is. "

Donated by Hayley Dyson

Donated by Peter Johnson

Donated by Jason Kotz

Donated by Daniel Bartholomaeus

"You are amazing Bec! Love from the Bartholomaeus family xox"

Donated by Pamela Hamilton

"Go Marty!"

Donated by Brooke Harris

Donated by Debro Thaw

"Hope it goes really well Bec"

Donated by Amy Endersby

"Worthy cause, well done! "

Donated by Jeff Strachan

"Good on you! Hope the wind is at your backs. "


"All the best to you Marty x"

Donated by Michelle Hambly

Donated by Dimitri Brinias

Donated by Nicole Pearce

"Good Luck Forry! All the best for a comfortable ride! "

Donated by Greg Caruso

Donated by Scott Forrest

"Fantastic cause-all the best for the ride Andrew!"

Donated by Sara Weston

"Great cause - good on you!"

Donated by Alicia Nelson

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Sheree Forrest

"Best of luck for the ride Andrew. Proud of you for all the hard work and training you have done to raise money for this wonderful cause. Enjoy the experience with all the other riders."

Donated by Jack Forrest

Donated by Celeste Paul

Donated by Jeff Swann

"Legendary Officer"

Donated by kevin kock

Donated by David Williams

"Great work guys...You are an inspiration to us all. Hope the "saddle sores" don't hang around too long!!!"

Donated by Tanya Norman

Donated by Sam and Kate Stevens

"Great work Dyl! Good ride for a great cause. From Sam, Kate, Henry, Darcy and Evie."

Donated by Sheree Burman

"Ride like the wind legend!! "

Donated by Andrew Meaney

Donated by Jane Moir

"Great work Dylan!!"

Donated by David Thurston

"All the best mate and thank you! Thurston's x "

Donated by roy paparella

"fantastic effort for a needed cause"

Donated by Greg Thornton

Donated by Russell Wood

Donated by Mike Gainer

"Go you crazy MF'er ?"

Donated by Giles Healey

Donated by Jarrod Petschel

Donated by Andrew Mattner

Donated by Richard MILLER

"Good luck Bec! Great effort for a great cause."

Donated by C shift Oakden

"From C shift Oakden. Good luck Bec."

Donated by Richard Barrack

"Go Bec! You are a true inspiration. Rich + Lucy"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Alex Macleod

Donated by Colin Paton

"Don’t fall off !"

Donated by Peter Hilhorst

"10c per Km seem fair.. well done mate"

Donated by Hardy Kosiol

Donated by Pieter Scott

"Great cause Michael your doing a great job. Cheers"

Donated by Adrian Rowett

Donated by Matthew Barrett

"Do ya job, Leave a card!"

Donated by Julie Bourke

"Have fun DK and stay on the bike!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Martin Hill

"Great effort to raise funds for a worthy cause - good luck for the ride. Martin & Leah Hill "

Donated by Lauren Collins

"Good luck Aunty Bec! Xx"

Donated by Rachael Ford

"Go Uncle Dyl!
Love Max, Charlie & Sunny"

Donated by Matt Grimmond

"Davo may you always have wind on your ride......sorry I meant tail wind."

Donated by Gill Vince

Donated by Tracey Dobiecki

Donated by Anita Aspinall

"Go Dylan, ride well"

Donated by Jess Stapleton

"Such a worthwhile project with a huge impact for so many-great work mate!"

Donated by Andrew Bridgland

"Good luck Dyl (and the team) - ride well, stay safe and well done on a great cause "

Donated by Catherine Brooks

Donated by UFU Max Adlam

Donated by UFU Max Adlam

Donated by UFUSA Max Adlam

Donated by UFUSA Max Adlam

Donated by UFUSA MAX Adlam

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Will Thompson

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Anthony Merchant

Donated by Joan Close

Donated by Sasha Close

Donated by Andrew Caire

"Onya crew!

Donated by Aaron Scott

"Good work Forry, always a pleasure to support a great cause. Besides, it's you doing all the hard work! "

Donated by James Sunjaya

Donated by Fire Service Credit Union

"Good luck from FSCU"

Donated by Fire Service Credit Union

Donated by Fire Service Credit Union

Donated by Fire Service Credit Union

"Good luck from FSCU"

Donated by Fire Service Credit Union

"Good luck from FSCU"

Donated by Maryanne Campbell-Hand

"Amazing effort! Good luck ???"

Donated by Olga Kochelovskays

"Good luck David! "

Donated by Chris Morris

Donated by Casey Tanner

"Greg, The Stop Sign"

Donated by Peter Kubler

"Good Luck!"

Donated by David Green

"Well done Andrew"

Donated by Jim's Fundriaser

"Welcome aboard Forrie. Enjoy the ride."

Donated by Jim's Fundraiser

"Great to have you on board Rebecca. You will rock it!"

Donated by Phil Laing

Donated by Greg Cane

"Good luck. All the best, Dad"

Donated by Alex Schiller

Donated by Adam Hall

Donated by Alida Cornwell

"Go Dylan & SA Met Fire Service Team! "

Donated by Paula Gardner

"Great work guys!!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Matthew Pike

Donated by Paul and Sue Deakin

"Go Marty "

Donated by Simon Footner

Donated by Richard Bund

"Congratulations on a wonderful cause and effort Andrew. From all of us at the Westminster Old Scholars Footy Club."

Donated by Georgie Forrest

"Good luck!! Proud of you "

Donated by Sue Piliczky

"Good luck Forry."

Donated by Sue Goodman

Donated by Deb and Andy Dewer

"Good luck Forry, what a wonderful thing to do for such an amazing cause xx"

Donated by Joshua Slape

Donated by Darren Mickan

"Good stuff Andrew9, well done "

Donated by Kellie Horton

"Good luck Forry!!!"

Donated by John Horton

"Go you good thing!"

Donated by Charlie Pearce-Cane

Donated by Karen Williams

"Great work Andrew! Have a good ride ?
Karen and Pete"

Donated by Chris Orr

"If you are silly enough to ride that far "

Donated by The Fire Service Fund

Donated by Mark Cunningham

"Best of luck legends!"

Donated by Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation

Donated by Adam Maslen

Donated by Nicole Chamberlain

"Good luck Dylan! Thank you for helping those who need it the most ?"

Donated by Greg Galatis

"ride forest ? ride ?"

Donated by Kim Thai

Donated by Robert Parr

"Go David"

Donated by Briohny Hamilton

"Good luck on the ride! "

Donated by Kerry Noonan

"Good on you Dave. Ride well and hats off for raising funds for an excellent cause x"

Donated by Bushy Bushybushbushbash

"Go you good thing"


Donated by Adam Zaccaria

Donated by Craig Scott

"Forry - you always inspire me. "

Donated by Judy Fitzpatrick

"Good luck Forry! Enjoy the ride, great cause
Love from Fitz' "

Donated by Sam Laube

Donated by Kicco McLaren Vale

"Go Marty!!!!!"

Donated by Carla Lewington

"Go Dylan! "

Donated by Cecilia Low

Donated by Rob Dridan

Donated by Kara Culbert

"All the best Dylan ? "

Donated by Brett Fennell

Donated by Carmelo Scaffidi

Donated by Greg Thornton

Donated by Rodney Rolfe

Donated by Peter Hagar

"Cheers Dave all to a good cause!!!"

Donated by Lorne McClurg

Donated by Craig Flavel

Donated by paul Cavaiuolo

Donated by Slava Shargorodsky

"Good luck!"

Donated by Mike Hatchard

"I'll double my donation is one of you does your cycling leg on a BMX...good cause guys - & well done for flying the MFS flag"

Donated by Adrienne White

"Will be cheering you on- take care - love A"

Donated by David Mattner

"look after my green bike. do not drop it !!"

Donated by Robyn Cane

"Go for it Michael- all loops and all possible kms?"

Donated by paul arnold

"good work little c"

Donated by Jenny Baxter

Donated by Mathew Williamson

"Good luck guys and girls!"


Donated by Mike Brown

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Bob and Ank Huiskamp

"Go Fabes! "

Donated by Gerard Faber

"Go mate"

Donated by Michael Collins

"Best wishes for the ride. Go Girl "

Donated by Eleanor Stevens

"Worthy cause - go well Pickle!!!"

Donated by Robert Brennan

"Bec you have trained so hard and been very consistant with your training, hope you enjoy the ride for a great cause."

Donated by Brenton & Sas Honor

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Luke Mercurio

Donated by Leo Lee

"Ride hard and ride safe"

Donated by Katina Blackwell

"What an amazing thing you are doing Andrew. All the very best. If you’re heading through Renmark I can give you and the boys a quick rub down. ? good luck with the ride"

Donated by James Allen

Donated by Catherine Seal Yates

"What a great adventure! Happy riding SAMFS Crew :o)"

Donated by Vivienne White

"Go you good thing?"

Donated by Greg Thornton

"You're a machine Bec."

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Paul Mitchell

"A walk in the park for you. Good luck."

Donated by Kevin Ryan

"Live strong guys. Great effort!!"

Donated by Heather Dowling

"Well done, have a great ride. Good to see you caring for country people."

Donated by Peter Tumicz

"Best of luck, just make sure you finish!!!!! cheers mate"

Donated by Justin Speedy

"Good stuff Forry"

Donated by John Drum

Donated by Physio Alive

Donated by Cheree Reichl

Donated by Pedro Martins

"Great work team SAMFS!"

Donated by Phil Jefferies

"Go you good things!!"

Donated by Margie McLeod

"What a marvellous thing to do, you are a caring, gorgeous tough lady and I’m in awe. Donation on behalf of my beautiful mum and my gorgeous husband Steve xxx"

Donated by Brea Cranage

"goodluck Babe.."

Donated by Nicole Haddock

"Great effort - good luck!"

Donated by Alison Ramage

"Good luck on the ride, doing it for a great cause."

Donated by Quality of Life Psychology

Donated by Susan Gray

Donated by Anthony Cheetham

"Good luck, Becs, PC,Kubs and the rest of the team! God speed!! Stay safe, legends!!!"

Donated by Jason Comley

"Great work team!"

Donated by Felicity Laing

"Go Bec! All the Skinny Lattes will be very proud of you xxx"

Donated by Gill and Gavin Nimon

"All the best Andrew"

Donated by Duane Schultz

Donated by Prisca & David Harrison

"All the best for the ride Forry, love a ride for a great purpose and cause! Well done. David, Prisca, Brock, Chelsea and Lewis. "

Donated by Emily Petersen

"Go Dylan!"

Donated by Baxter B

"Go Forrie and the Firies "

Donated by Brett Perry

"Go Patch !"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Andy Allen

"Good luck bud ?"

Donated by Elly Griffin

"The Griffins are with you! x"

Donated by Vicki Jurasic

Donated by Russell Edwards

"Great work Bec and great cause. All the best with the ride. Hopefully Ill tag along next year."

Donated by Ben Forrest

"Good onya Uncle Andrew!"

Donated by Simon Charlton

"Wishing you well Forry for this great cause, Charltsy "

Donated by Judith Barnett

"All the best Andrew. Worthwhile cause. "

Donated by Michael & Ros Read

"Good luck Forry, make sure the wind is on your back!"

Donated by Craig Kirkbright

"Great stuff Forry ?"

Donated by Anthony Keain

"All the best mate. Appreciate your efforts. "

Donated by Peter Spillane

Donated by Kati Ritchie

"Good luck Ben."

Donated by Paul Reynolds

"Good luck, and have fun!"

Donated by Hannah Stansfield

"Good luck ! "

Donated by Alison Boston

"Go Fabes! "

Donated by Gen Rueger

"A great cause, awesome work team!!"

Donated by Tothill Finance

"Go Marty!!!"

Donated by Max Adlam

"Great work Team, ride safe."

Donated by Ben Whitlock

"Great work lads. Good luck!!!"

Donated by Robyn Faber

"Ride safe xo"

Donated by Daniel Zuzolo

"Great cause mate - love your work!"

Donated by Chriso Heeso

"Don’t think good lucks needed Dave, just stay safe and enjoy the scenery. Piece a cake!?"

Donated by Michelle McCranor

"Love ya work Forry!
Love The Macca’s"

Donated by Steve Condina

"Good luck Kubes"

Donated by John Wilkinson

"Good on you Forry!"

Donated by Justina Lienert

"Great cause Andrew. Hope it’s a week of mild weather and tail winds."

Donated by Tim naomi Davey

"Great work Andrew"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Kate Melvin

"Safe ride Koobs. "

Donated by Lyn & Denis Cranage

Donated by Jane Hackett

Donated by Yvette Stuyt

Donated by Paul Cavallin

"Go hard or go hone"

Donated by The orthotic factory Pete filsell

"$1 per 1k"

Donated by Amanda Catherwood

"Go Dodgy Dave!"

Donated by Andrea & Simon Carter

"Good work DK - you got this!"

Donated by Fiona Gill

"Great cause, ride well Dave!"

Donated by Susannah Close

"Good luck bro. Xxx"

Donated by Peter Copeland

"Nice work Kublerkhan"

Donated by Kate Merritt

"Go Kubes!"

Donated by Kim Scott

"Great cause David - good work. Ride hard and then go home."

Donated by Alex Reade

Donated by Sasha Close

"Best of Luck DK! Ride well and eat Pasta."

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Mitch Hancock

Donated by Georgia Sandford

"Go Mum! You've got this, I'm sure you'll smash it and make everyone extremely proud! ??"

Donated by Maggie Gardiner

"You go Bec! "

Donated by Belinda Pozza

"You’ve got this! ????
Your big, beautiful heart and months of dedication will take you to the finish line.?
What a wonderful cause. Love you!
The Pozza Family. Xxxx"

Donated by Sharlene Harding

Donated by Fiona Lucariello

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Michael Lewington

Donated by Michael Morgan

"Great work team, wishing you all the very best "

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Peter Barnes

Donated by Sammy James

"A latte cycling"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Bridget Sawyer

Donated by Lyndall Levy

Donated by Meeting Place MV

Donated by karen Matthews

Donated by Kay Dalton

"in memory of Mum, family and friends who have passed from Cancer and for those who are survivors due to the wonderful research that still continues. Go Marty.."

Donated by M2 Computing Solutions

"Here's a start"

Donated by Gen Rueger

"Onya Fabes!!"



  1. Trav

    Ana – thank you! Without the Di2 this wouldn’t be possible
    Baz – that arm to the left of shot is remarkably impressive 😉
    Jado – will give it my best!

  2. Trav

    Cathy – thank you so much, I’ll keep MOST shots of lycra out of the office 🙂

  3. Trav

    Zem – cheers mate! Will do my best.
    Clementyne – Bless!

  4. Veena Dahm

    Good Luck Andy!

  5. Zancs

    Thanks Murray and Weka. Much appreciated!

  6. Ellie

    Thanks to all my sponsors so far for supporting me. The training required to get ready for the 7 day ride is getting more intense, requiring 4 rides before work during the week and two bigger rides on the week-end. With only 2 months to go, the challenge ahead is now real and requires both mental and physical strength to keep going. I must admit there are days when it is hard to crawl out of bed at 5am to ride when nursing grazes and aching muscles , but the committment to the cause helps ensure that there are no excuses skipping training over minor aches and pains.

  7. Michael Doyle

    Thank you Claire, Fidelis, Irene, Mal and Anne! I really appreciate your support for this!

  8. Michael Doyle

    Very generous of you both. Thank you Peter and Tracey for supporting this cause.

  9. Michael Doyle

    Dear Mark, Tracey, Carmel and Neville at KJK legal. Thank you very much for your very generous donation to this cause. I hope I can continue to support you in the way that you have very generously supported me in this cause and in our professional lives!
    Kind regards, Michael

  10. Michael Doyle

    Dear Prof Bob, thank you very much for your donation to this cause. I also owe thanks to you and your dad’s Army cohort of obstetrician riders for introducing me to this MAMILian activity which has enabled me to develop past the trainer wheels stage!

  11. Michael Doyle

    Dear Carolyn, Thank you very much for your kind support! Regards to the rest of your team at Cowell Clarke Lawyers.

  12. Michael Doyle

    Dear Frank, Thank you very much to you and your team at Camatta Lempens lawyers for your generous support of this cause. It is very much appreciated!

  13. Michael Doyle

    Thank you Peter Walsh at Forme Projex for your generous support of this cause!

  14. Andy Tascione

    Thank you to all of you, Mark Dittmar, Veena and David Dahm, Martin Bolingbroke, George Karlis, Pat Furina, David Stearne, John Ravese, Kathryn Buckby and anonymous persons,
    You are all wonderful generous people. The money you have given is going to make a lot of people happy!!! Its people such as yourselves who make this campaign successful, I take my hat off to you all

  15. Michael Doyle

    Thank you Indi!

  16. Indi

    thanks carla.
    much appreciated and I hope your time in Walgett is worthwhile.

  17. Andy Tascione

    I must also thank Damian and Michelle Byrne and Eric and Laura Tascione for there wonderful generousity

  18. Michael Doyle

    A big thank you to Anonymous, Joanne Deuter and Paul Alvaro for your donations. Your support for this cause is much appreciated! Regards Michael

  19. Michael Doyle

    Thank you very much for your donation Sam!

  20. Mignon day

    Thanks Sandy for your support! You are my first donation!

  21. Michael Doyle

    Thanks Eddy Pope, first class Perth risk management and insurance broker, for your generous donation!

  22. Michael Doyle

    Thanks for your donation Sandy George – that’s really appreciated! Mike

  23. Michael Doyle

    Thanks so much René of Povey Stirk Lawyers in Alice Springs. I really appreciate your assistance in helping me raise funds for this good cause! Michael

  24. Michael Doyle

    Thanks Mignon for volunteering your time and energy to apply your nursing and massage skills to support the riders this coming April! Your counselling expertise may be in demand as well to get us all through those long days on the saddle!! And thanks also for your generous donation to my fundraising profile! Mike

  25. Michael Doyle

    Thanks Adrian!

  26. Andy Tascione

    You’re a good man Peter- thankyou!!

  27. Michael Doyle

    Thanks David Blyth of Finlaysons Lawyers!

  28. Andy Tascione

    You’ve edged us closer to the target – Thankyou Anthony!!!

  29. Michael Doyle

    Thanks Matt! The 1st of my brothers to sponsor me! I’m glad you can remember the times when Phil and I rode you and twin bother Tim around the streets of Marden and surrounding suburbs in a cardboard box strapped to the rear carriers of our bikes!!

  30. Michael Doyle

    Thanks for your sponsorship and support for this cause Frank!

  31. Michael Doyle

    Pia, Henry, Chris and Geoff – thank you very much to each of you for your donations!

  32. Michael Doyle

    Thank you Vic Lewicki of Lewicki & Associates, Chartered Accountants, for your very generous donation!

  33. Michael Doyle

    Thank you very much Tony Possingham and John Connolly! Your support is much appreciated.

  34. Michael Doyle

    John Stirk – thank you for your very generous donation! I greatly appreciate your support and the support of your other colleagues at Povey Stirk Lawyers Alice Springs who have made separate donations to this cause! Michael.

  35. Michael Doyle

    Thank you cousin Anne Galpin for Supporting my quest to raise money for rural cancer patients!

  36. Andy Tascione

    Thank you so much for your generousity Andrew and Candy!!!
    From P SAINT & CO. Accounting Firm
    The people in the regional areas who are affected by this dreaded disease will benefit greatly by the new accommadation being built, thanks to people like you.

  37. Michael Doyle

    Thank you very much to my legal colleagues Mike Manfield and Andrew Collett for your generous support. It really does provide a huge encouragement to me to see out the commitment I have made to ride in support of this cause and the many families in regional areas who will benefit from it.

  38. Michael Doyle

    Thank you Carla Dale for making yet another donation to this cause! I really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in Adelaide when Mark and I have completed the ride!

  39. Janette Bettcher

    I would like to thank everyone for their generous support and encouragement.
    Your donations will be well spent on providing accommodation to country patients and their families.

  40. Michael Doyle

    Thank you to my Mitchell Chambers Barrister colleagues, Tony Possingham, Brian Austin and Christian Munt for sponsoring me and for donating to this worthy cause! Much appreciated!

  41. Michael Doyle

    Thank you to my legal colleagues – Wallmans Solicitors partner, Peter Milte; John and Lin Doherty and their crew, Carol and Jenny, at Doherty’s lawyers; and to my barrister colleague Jarrod Warren – for your generous donations and sponsorship of my ride in aid of country cancer patients! I really appreciate your support which will be much needed encouragement to complete this ride!

  42. Michael Doyle

    Thank you very much to my very good friend for over 50 years, Chris Smerdon, for your sponsorship of my ride to raise money for country cancer patients; and to Sealink for being a major sponsor of SuperCycle and providing all supercyclists and volunteers with passage to and from Kangaroo Island!
    I’m proud to be a member of the Sealink Team!

  43. Rayzor

    An enormous pleasure to have you as part of this Event, Paul. We’ll all learn a lot more about caring for our bikes, too.

  44. Rayzor

    Your guidance and tips improving cycling, especially the climbing, is already bearing fruit for SuperCyclists. How lucky are we to have you supporting our peloton, Steve?
    Go !!

  45. Linda Wong

    Dear Mark and EISS

    All the best to you and the team in the Mercer SuperCycle for 2016.

    The JANA Team

  46. Neville Wilson

    Good on you David! You are perfect for the job. Hope all goes very well for everyone involved. Neville & Lois.

  47. Meg Byrt

    Jen, it is fantastic that you are able to participate again in Supercycle. I hope it goes really well and the weather is good and you see more of lovely country South Australia.

  48. Rayzor/Raymondo

    Great to see you’re on the Event (again). Cheers, mate!

  49. Ray Morris

    Hey Sean, I see we share something else, apart from cycling and SuperCycle, as shown in our SC ID-photos! Nice.

  50. Janelle Mostacci

    Good on you Paul! Hope you are well. Stay safe and huge kudos!

  51. Claire Gill

    Well done Andrew – amazing the difference in a Year….”Happy Riding”

  52. Geoff Corteling

    Well done Tim, great cause …….but riding for that long??

  53. Dalzy

    Thanks to all those who have donated so far!!! Your support is very much appreciated!!

  54. Yee Cheng Leong

    Ride safely Tin.

  55. Maurice/Linda

    Enjoy the ride Phil…well done

  56. Maurice/Linda

    Enjoy the ride Phil. Well done !!!!

  57. Super Cycle Post author

    Well done.

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