Mercer SuperCycle 2021 | Experience a ride like no other, for the last time

2021 Riders/Volunteers

Brenton Scott

Team: RSM
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
I am participating in Mercer SuperCycle because I want to support country cancer patients and their families. Thank you for your support!

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Latest Donations

Donated by Julie Griffiths

"Good job Brenton"

Donated by David Chapman

Donated by Daryl Powell

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Donated by Ian Martens

Donated by Mark & Bec White

Donated by Josie Arney

"Hope the ride goes well."

Donated by Christine Tremain

Donated by John Kerins

"Good luck Brent & may the wind be behind you all the way. Cheers Kero & Di xx"

Donated by Maria Panagiotidis

Donated by Lachlan Andrews

Donated by Glen and tanya Traeger

Donated by Hamish Scott

"Best of luck on the ride Dad, hope you smash it! xx"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Jessica Olivier

Donated by Greg Mattner

"Take it easy and you’ll get there quickly "

Donated by Rob Michael

"Hope all goes well Brenton, a great effort for a really good cause. Well done."

Donated by Anonymous


"Hope it goes well! "

Donated by Lindy Tallis

"Good luck Brent! A fantastic effort for a great cause."

Donated by frank lopilato

Donated by DAVID KERR

Donated by Bob and Joy Stacy

"No Lycra "

Donated by james harvey

"Enjoy, a worthwhile cause."

Donated by Mario & Isabella Armiento

"Well done Scotty. Enjoy!"

Donated by Leng Pho

Donated by Rosanne Tucker

"Good luck Brent. Well done on taking up the challenge. Cov and Rox xxx"

Donated by Maximillian Griguol

"Good luck Brent! Have a wheely good ride! "

Donated by Sandra Young

"Have a great ride! Well done for supporting country cancer families. Thinking of my dear sister, Kathryn."

Donated by John Conley

"Good luck JC"

Donated by Rod Hann

"Well done Brent"

Donated by Felicity Scott

Donated by Kyra Gustavsson

Donated by Padraic Doorey

"Good on you Brent! Looking forward to seeing you on a Fresh Eire Adventures bike trip again before too long. #pedalon"

Donated by Lenore Reinke

"Great thing to be involved in. Best of luck to you Brenton, we hope the ride goes well for you. Take care, Lenore & Leith Reinke."

Donated by John Waters

Donated by Julie Lawton

Donated by Andrew Mintz

"Happy riding, and good luck! "

Donated by Charles Starky

Donated by Madeleine Griguol

"Good luck Brent!! You’ve got this !"

Donated by Keith Rudkin

Donated by Kate Spargo

Donated by Simon Abraham

Donated by Jane Arnold

Donated by Andrew Duncan

Donated by Andrew Scott

Donated by Richard Turner

Donated by Michael Beard

"Go Brento!"

Donated by Roger Salkeld

"What a terrific initiative. Go team!"

Donated by John & Patricia Sharpe

Donated by John Kirk

Donated by Laurel Grey

"Good luck everyone!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Greg Samuel

"Well done and good luck!"

Donated by Peter Thomas

"See, retirement is far more productive."

Donated by Ian Hollick

Donated by Paul Kirchner

Donated by Scott Jenssen

"Hi Brenton, good luck for what will undoubtrdly be a tough but I'm sure rewarding ride. A great cause for which I hope my contribution helps. Regards Scott J"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Zane McDonnell

"You have to finish though, you couldn’t have chosen a better photo "

Donated by Roger Van der Jeugd

"Great stuff Brenton! ?"

Donated by Christine Conley

"Go Brent!"


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