Mercer SuperCycle 2021 | Experience a ride like no other, for the last time

2021 Riders/Volunteers

Tamara Pietraszuk

Team: Total Tools
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
It’s the final year of SuperCycle and time to accept the challenge! Its not going to be easy, though nothing worth doing ever is! And the training, dedication and commitment required for a rider, is small in comparison to the patients who are using the Under Our Roof homes. I am back to join the pedal crew for a couple of days and still have a ball with the support crew for the remaining days. I have previously been a part of support crew and behind the scenes for the past 4 years. Each year you grow a little more and learn something new about yourself and meet great people along the way.

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

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Donated by Tim Schenk

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"You legend!"

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"Yes you can!!! :) xx"

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"Ride like the wind "

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"You go girl!!"

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"Amazing work Tam"

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"Go Tam, go! Fantastic work :)"

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"Well done on doing this tam. I will experience it vicariously through you."

Donated by Tamara Pietraszuk

"You can do it!!"


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Mercer SuperCycle | Experience a ride like no other.