Mercer SuperCycle 2021 | Experience a ride like no other, for the last time

2021 Riders/Volunteers

Jim Jeffery

Team: Total Tools
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
I am participating in Mercer SuperCycle because I want to support country cancer patients and their families. Thank you for your support!

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Latest Donations

Donated by S Tindle

Donated by Mark Jeffery

"Well done mate on a long and generous commitment "

Donated by Anonymous

" A truly great effort Jimbo, you should be very proud"

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Donated by Flash .

"We began together, I was hoping to finish together. Glad one of us made the finish line. Well played Race think how far you've come since I gave you that pep talk in Penneshaw, after Tuna had once again smashed you to bits!! :-)"

Donated by Graham Parish

"Go well Jimbo, you are awesome!"

Donated by Mark Clarke

"Great job Jim"

Donated by Michelle Cahahlan

Donated by Debbie Ellis

Donated by kelli Holbrook

Donated by Julie Brookes

"Get those smooth legs pumping!!"

Donated by Jeremy Atkinson

Donated by Jim's Fundriaser

Donated by Greg Heath

"Great Fundraiser yesterday Jim.
You went over + above for the cause. "

Donated by Michael Doyle

"Jimbo, what generosity and dedication to this cause you have shown! You are a true champion! Sorry that in the end I could not join you and the team for this last SuperCycle event. Michael (aka Pearls) "

Donated by Doug Schmidt

Donated by Thomas Osborn

"Well done for the work you’ve done in the past years and ‘good luck’ for thus one "

Donated by Anonymous

"Already an amazing achievement Jim, by you and the SuperCycle crew, even before you get on your bike! Well done mate, and all the best for the ride. "

Donated by Ian Roberts

"Hope you have a great ride Jim!"

Donated by Mick Pickburn

"Well done Jim, safe riding.."

Donated by David Butler

Donated by Steven Wight

"Congratulations on your many years of riding and supporting this great cause. Hope all goes well for the last big ride."

Donated by Mark Vincent

"In lieu of being able to attend the fundraising lunch!"

Donated by Trent Cox

"Nice work Jim. Enjoy the ride and stay safe."

Donated by Jeremy Atkinson

Donated by Greg Heath


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Mercer SuperCycle | Experience a ride like no other.