Mercer SuperCycle 2020 | Experience a ride like no other.

2020 Riders/Volunteers

Kirk Kipping

Team: Mercer
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
I am participating in Mercer SuperCycle because I want to support country cancer patients and their families. Thanks for your support!

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Latest Donations

Donated by William Yuncken

"vas & talcum all the way"

Donated by Marco Mercadante

"Failure is not an option."

Donated by Mathew Cook

"Best of luck Kirk"

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Donated by Shannon Forsyth

"Good luck Kirk!!"

Donated by Anthony Gale

"Good luck Kirk - ride hard!"

Donated by Angelo Calvitto

"Great initiative Kirk."

Donated by Ann-Marie Garry

Donated by Sarah McCarthy

"Good luck Kirk!!"

Donated by Dorin Karpes

Donated by Greg Huter

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Emily Barlow

"Trivia Money "

Donated by Stephanie Borgman

"Go Kirk Go! I\\\'m so proud of you. Not just a mathlete anymore! "

Donated by Paul Hoefer

"Good luck Desmond!! ??????????"

Donated by david greenbury


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