Mercer SuperCycle 2019 | Experience a ride like no other.

2019 Riders/Volunteers

Philip Graham

Team: Mercer
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
I am participating in Mercer SuperCycle because I want to support country cancer patients and their families. Thanks for your support!

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Latest Donations

Donated by Michael Solly

Donated by Shannon Reilly

Donated by Philip Houghton-Brown

"Well done Phil - enjoy getting back into SuperCycle!"

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Donated by Mary Noel

Donated by Fiona Bruce

Donated by Carol Rowland

"Enjoy the ride! love Carol + Co"

Donated by Janelle Mostacci

"Safe ride Dizzy This donation is from my son Jack and his mate Hamish. They made up a synthesised song and did break dancing outside the local café and wanted to donate the money to helping kids with cancer."

Donated by Mark Fensom

Donated by Neisha Traill

Donated by Danie Levy


Donated by Anonymous

"Silly old bugger - act your age !"

Donated by Andrew Vrech

Donated by stuart game

"Go Phil!"

Donated by Elizabeth Paine

"Well done Phil; a great cause!"

Donated by Paula Allen

"Good on you Phil! Do enjoy, stay safe."

Donated by Aisling Freiheit

"Good luck

Donated by Stephanie Teh

Donated by David Court

"Enjoy the ride! All that training has to help."

Donated by Robert Graham

"We hope that you have an enjoyable ride & good luck with reaching your target donation."

Donated by John Jardim

Donated by Kylie Willment

Donated by Janus Henderson Team

Donated by Bianca Dalcollo

Donated by Glen Careedy

"Great initiative."

Donated by Barbara Graham

Donated by Sarah Fern

Donated by Dean Fraser

"Good luck Phil. I see Rob Stone's been smashing out a lot of training miles so my advice is to just suck his wheel the whole way."

Donated by Anonymous

"Phil, enjoy the ride!"

Donated by Steve Howlett

"Good luck!"

Donated by Maria Wilton

Donated by Mike Hawkins

Donated by Glenn Barry

"Good stuff, Phil !

There are so many causes it there but this seems to be of very direct and practical benefit "

Donated by Zane Bernstein

Donated by Matthew Solly


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