Mercer SuperCycle 2019 | Experience a ride like no other.

2019 Riders/Volunteers

Bruce Bailey

Team: CMI Toyota
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
Childhood illness can be crippling, I'm participating in Mercer SuperCycle to provide financial support to country cancer patients and their families. You can help by sponsoring my ride Thanks for your support!

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Latest Donations

Donated by Nicki Tofler

"What a great effort Bruce. Glad you’ve found a new passion! Onwards and upwards ?"

Donated by Deborah Macdonald

"Better late than never! Well done Bruce."

Donated by Ian Bailey

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Donated by Mark McEnallay

Donated by Ian Bullock

"Well played Bruce"

Donated by Bruce Bailey

"For my sins on tour"

Donated by Albert Loots

Donated by Jessica Olivier

"Best of Luck Bruce & Brad!"

Donated by Susanne Macri

"Enjoy the ride!!! Regards Sue"

Donated by Danette Chan

"Good Luck Bruce!"

Donated by Andrew Condon

"Putting in the training will make the ride a joy, all for a good cause."

Donated by Gary Johnson

"Good luck your fundraising and the Event Bruce.

Regards Gary"

Donated by Adette Goldberg

"Bruce - Im enjoying the posts, and happy to help reach the goal "

Donated by Ellen Zhou

"Go Bruce!"

Donated by Jamie O\'Rourke

Donated by James Price

"Have a great ride Bruce!"

Donated by Stephen Levett

"Ride well

Donated by Nick Mersiades

"All the best Bruce. "

Donated by Greg Tom

"Good effort Bruce"

Donated by Rodney Naumburger

"Go Bruce!"

Donated by Greg Anderson

Donated by Kathleen Smeaton

"Bruce, all the best. I guess early mornings and evenings each day will be your best times. It's a great cause and will be appreciated by many.

Donated by richard Cumpston

Donated by Karina Kwan

"Bruce, good on you! Your courage is inspiring!"

Donated by Logan Nirmalananda

"Great effort Bruce, wishing you and all of the riders the very best on the day! Rgds, Logan and the Jesmond Group"

Donated by Viv Allanson

"Go Bruce !!! Peddle hard mate."

Donated by Gill Walker

"Ride confidently, ride with Pride!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by katrina ong

Donated by gerard donnelly

"I'm intent on making you very well prepared Bruce :)"

Donated by John Nesbitt

"Well done Bruce.....a great cause, a great challenge and great exercise! Best wishes John N"

Donated by John Gow

Donated by Ged Stenhouse

Donated by Dane Chan

"Go Bruce!!!!"

Donated by Anonymous

"I trust the ride goes well, Bruce. "

Donated by Oliver Greeves

Donated by Hugh Fitzsimons

"Go Bruce!"

Donated by Chris Westacott

"Good on you Bruce. Good luck."

Donated by Deborah Key

"Good on you Bruce. warm regards Deborah"

Donated by Mark Broadhead

"Good Luck Bruce"

Donated by peter Wohl

"Best of luck Bruce - ride hard!!!"

Donated by Mark Scott

"Good luck on the ride - all for a great cause."

Donated by Alison Flannigan

Donated by Joy Leggo

"Well done Bruce for taking up the challenge. wonderful to see Pride Living supporting the community in this way."

Donated by Graeme Wickenden

"Great cause and great effort Bruce. Happy peddling!"

Donated by Cynthia Payne

"Thanks Bruce and good luck with the ride and thank you for supporting such an important cause !!!"

Donated by Godfrey Vella

"Good on ya! Wishing you all the best!"

Donated by Patrick Flanagan

"Great cause. Good luck mate."

Donated by Brian Benger


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