Mercer SuperCycle 2019 | Experience a ride like no other.

2019 Riders/Volunteers

Jo-Anne Facey

Team: Mercer
Charity of Choice The Hospital Research Foundation
I'm off the couch and into the saddle - after years of talk, it's time for action! Lots of it for such a worthwhile cause - supporting country cancer patients and their families. Thank you very much for your support!

All funds raised will go towards improving the services for country cancer patients in South Australia

Latest Donations

Donated by Mercer Workplace Giving

Donated by Nicola Brown

"All the best! Enjoy the scenery! "

Donated by Mark Cooper

"Best of luck for the ride Jo-Anne. A great cause!"

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Donated by Mel Tartonne

"Way to go Jo, this is so awesome - fantastic charity xx"

Donated by Melilssa Wicks

"Good luck Jo-anne!"

Donated by Andrew Nunn

"Hope the training is going well and good luck with the event"

Donated by allyson Mutch

"raffle tickets"

Donated by Anonymous

"Chocolates and raffle tixs"

Donated by alison gordon

Donated by Joanne Brown

"Go Jo!"

Donated by Anonymous

"Raffle Tix"

Donated by Jesse Oey

"Best of luck, Jo! 8 raffle tickets purchased :D"

Donated by Anonymous

"She was not a rider before this but my oh my how hard she is trying, Jo is determined and I know she will do well. Best of Luck."

Donated by Mercer Workplace Giving

Donated by Jo-Anne Facey

"Chocolates and raffle tickets"

Donated by Louise Wilson

Donated by Nidia Stoik

"You're amazing! Go girl "

Donated by Dileepa Diyagama

"Well done Jo!! Ok, now can I please have best of the best raffle tickets. Thank you... D"

Donated by Alison Poole

"Great work lady! Look forward to hearing how you go."

Donated by Tracey Gardner

"Awesome work Jo. I'd love three of your best raffle tickets!"

Donated by Stacie Haber

"Way to go Jo! It's a great cause."

Donated by Karen Gower

"Thank you for doing the ride - hope you get to enjoy it!!!"

Donated by Nicole Ossedryver

Donated by Jo-Anne Facey

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Jane Tanzer

Donated by Simon Hains

"Best of luck Jo!!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Matt Fritsch

"I'll take 3 of your luckiest tickets please"

Donated by Anonymous

"Raffle Tix"

Donated by Mercer Workplace Giving

Donated by Anonymous

"Chocolates, chocolates, cholcolates!!"

Donated by Anonymous

Donated by Brad Smith


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