SuperCycle 2013, Day 1

Day 1 – 2013

As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is a load of bollocks. Whoever came up with this obviously hadn’t tried to ride 185kms from Adelaide to Clare in a day. However, if we’d sat down in a committee meeting, and planned the perfect weather for riding from Adelaide to Clare, […]

Bower Progress Assoc


You work up a bit of an appetite riding around the countryside, so lunch goes down really well. The logistics team have outdone themselves this year by finding community groups and businesses willing to donate or heavily subsidise all of our lunches (we’ll only pay $10 a head for the whole week).

Adelaide Opel - vehicle sponsors

Super Support Vehicles

Last week we were excited to be handed the keys to our 2013 Rabobank SuperCycle Opel support vehicles! Adelaide Opel is the proud sponsor for Stage Two of the ride and has kindly donated three impressive Opels which will escort our peloton as they travel 1000kms across South Australia.

Mark Brownley

Rider Spotlight: Mark Brownley

1. How did you first hear about the Rabobank SuperCycle and what motivated you to sign up? One of my SA Power Networks colleagues rode last year and raved about the experience. This year I made the commitment and just signed up. My family has been touched by cancer often and being able to ride […]

Ready to Ride

Attention Riders and Volunteers:Basil Hetzel Institute We are thrilled to have 23 SuperCyclists make up our Rabobank Stage 1 peloton on Sunday the 7th of April. Below is some important info that we ask you to take note of to ensure that Rabobank SuperCycle 2013 gets off to a good start. Rabobank Stage 1 will […]

Cheer Home our SuperCyclists

In 2 weeks time the 2013 Rabobank SuperCyclists will set off on their journey to travel over 1000kms across regional South Australia. Along the way they’ll engage with the local communities, stop in at schools, conquer long days, endure unpredictable weather and defeat hills that just don’t quit! They are doing it all to help […]

Two Weeks to Go

It might almost be time to start getting excited. We had a ripper of a training ride last weekend, and it seems that a few people will be out tomorrow. Some up Gorge Rd, and some out with the ETSA Foundation up Mt Lofty. The fundraising has hit $90,000, which doesn’t count the great support […]

Nick Muecke

Rider Spotlight: Nick Muecke

1. How did you first hear about RaboBank SuperCycle and what motivated you to sign up? Mark Day – when he first dreamed up the concept. The cause it supports hits close to home. I grew up in country SA and saw firsthand the impact that having to travel to the city for medical support […]