At the recent Annual General Meeting for SuperCycle Inc, two of our longest serving board members retired, Dawn Garrett and Jon Holbrook, and we welcomed our incoming chair Jim Jeffery and new board member’s Mignon Williams and Peter Sayers. Dawn Garrett (our outgoing Board chair) has been on the Board since 2011. Dawn was a […]

Bowden Under Our Roof

Under Our Roof Bowden 354 Apartment Update

The third Under Our Roof home is underway, with construction commencing earlier this month of the floor the apartment will be situated on. Located 4km from the Royal Adelaide Hospital and 5km from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the apartment in Bowden 354’s On the Park East will provide a home-away-from-home for country cancer patients and […]

Anita & Gina

Support Crew Testimonial – Anita Romleigh

This April I participated in Mercer SuperCycle for the first time.  I’ve attended a number of fund raising events over the past few years and seen how hard everyone involved works, so decided to join the support crew this year, with sponsorship from Mercer. It’s a huge event for all involved; the organisers, volunteers and […]

Bruce Bailey

Rider Testimonial – Bruce Bailey

2019 was my first year as a Mercer SuperCycle (MSC) rider. I use charity rides to motivate me to “keep peddling” and challenge myself. I’d done a 1-day ride and a three-day ride, so I was looking for a charity ride with 1,000kms in front of it. For me, MSC was a personal challenge to […]

Support Crew

Support Crew Testimonial – Gina Somers

This was my first year participating as Support Crew in the Mercer SuperCycle. The best thing about Mercer SuperCycle is the comradery! You build connections and friendships that last well beyond the event with people that perhaps your paths may not usually cross.   Mercer SuperCycle is unlike any other event, it is tough, physically […]

Team Iress Mercer SuperCycle 2019

Rider Testimonial – Andrew Walsh

This was my first year taking part as a rider in Mercer SuperCycle. Mercer SuperCycle is connected to the community and has a visible real impact to lives in South Australia. Many other charity rides are disconnected from the cause or fund recipients. The ride made safety a priority and the ride leadership stood out from […]

Peter Babbage

Support Crew Testimonial – Peter Babbage

This was the first year I was involved in Mercer SuperCycle. The best thing about Mercer Supercycle is the awesome camaraderie between all the support crew and the riders/participants. It has been a fantastic way to meet and connect with some great people. Sharing the experience with the support crew all while having a blast […]

James Paul Clarke


This was my first year taking part in Mercer SuperCycle as a rider. Mercer SuperCycle stood out because of the distance. Previously I’d only ever done two days with one overnight. The best thing was the challenge. There’s only one way to describe the ride – epic! Coming into the event, my concern was that […]