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New Home for Country Cancer Patients Under Construction

Bowden Under Our Roof

Construction has commenced for a third ‘Under Our Roof’ home to provide much-needed accommodation for country cancer patients receiving treatment at hospitals in Adelaide.

With two ‘Under Our Roof’ homes already located at Woodville, The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) is thrilled to share that a third large family-style apartment is being built at 354 Bowden’s On The Park East. The apartment will include three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two carparks and will provide a place of comfort for those going through cancer treatment.

Under Our Roof is the only subsidised accommodation available for country cancer patients near Adelaide’s two largest cancer treating hospitals; the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The homes provide cancer patients and their families a place of comfort during a difficult time, becoming a home away from home for them.

Under Our Roof is a project primarily funded by Mercer SuperCycle, a multi-day bike ride around regional South Australia, proudly supported by the community who are involved in this open event.

“Thanks to the dedicated riders, support crew and sponsors involved in this fundraiser, we’re thrilled to have purchased this apartment which will provide a much-needed place of comfort for cancer patients and their families,” says THRF Chief Executive Paul Flynn.

“There is a clear need for more accommodation, with more than 21 patient bookings turned away due to full occupancy in 2017. We are excited construction has begun for this much-needed third accommodation option for cancer patients that is also close to public transport and will be central for all patients.”

Port Lincoln resident Rodney Winkles knows too well the stress rural cancer patients face, after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called PMP which only affects one in two million people.

Needing to travel to Adelaide, Rodney was unsure how he would manage treatment in Adelaide and was grateful to have stayed in one of THRF’s Under Our Roof homes, easing the pressure of finding affordable accommodation during a difficult time.

“The Under Our Roof home I stayed in was very comfortable and an easy to live in home away from home, providing a place to meet and talk with family in comfort,” Rodney said.

“A big thank you to THRF and Mercer SuperCycle for providing these homes for country cancer patients like myself and those in need.”

THRF, Mercer SuperCycle and all the riders and supporters of the Under Our Roof project are thrilled to continue helping country cancer patients and their families in their time of need and look forward to updating you on the progress of this apartment.

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You can help us continue providing a place of solace for country cancer patients by supporting Mercer SuperCycle 2019!