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New family home for country cancer patients

Bowden Under Our Roof

Patients undergoing cancer treatment and their families will soon have a new home-away-from-home in Bowden, Adelaide thanks to The Hospital Research Foundation’s (THRF) latest Under Our Roof project and Mercer SuperCycle.

Under Our Roof is the only subsidised family-sized accommodation available for country cancer patients near Adelaide’s two largest cancer treating hospitals; The Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Under Our Roof is a prime example of the community supporting the community – with the project primarily funded by SuperCycle Inc.

“Thanks to the dedicated riders, support crew and sponsors involved in this fundraiser, we’re thrilled to have purchased this apartment which will provide a much needed sanctuary for not only cancer patients but for their families,”  said THRF Chief Executive Paul Flynn.

The first Under Our Roof project; which featured two family-sized homes in Woodville West, opened in 2015. With these homes being booked out 325 days of the last year, many families have unfortunately been turned away.

With the need for this style of accommodation continuing to grow, a large three bedroom, two bathroom, two carpark apartment in 354 Bowden’s On The Park East has been chosen for the second accommodation project.

Bowden Under Our RoofMr Flynn says families who have stayed in the current homes indicated a strong preference to be located within a community setting that is also secure, safe and convenient.

“This gives them a sense of normality at a time when they need it most,” Mr Flynn explained.

With a strong community feel, 354 Bowden features a series of buildings housing 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, park facing terraces and sky lofts, and sits on the recently opened Bowden Town Square overlooking the fashionable Plant 4 markets.

SuperCycle Inc. Chairman Mark Day said on behalf of the Board, he is delighted to support this vital project which is having a significant impact on the comfort and care of cancer patients from rural centres.

“We’re in our seventh year of Mercer SuperCycle and have raised over $2 million to support country cancer patients in that time,” he said

“We’re so pleased and proud to provide homely, comfortable, quality and suitable homes for families who are going through a traumatic time in their lives.

“Thank you to all our Board members, riders, support crew and sponsors who have made the second Under Our Roof project possible through your support of Mercer SuperCycle. Together we are helping so many families in their time of need.”

Sign up today to join the ride to raise much-needed funds to build family-style accommodation in Adelaide for country cancer patients.

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