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Home away from home at Under Our Roof

Yorke Peninsula grandfather Kent Treloar and wife Marie have spent over 115 nights in Adelaide receiving treatment for Kent’s rare cancer.

In such a harrowing time for the family, being able to spend those 115 nights at The Hospital Research Foundation’s Under Our Roof homes lessened at least one level of stress associated with Kent’s cancer diagnosis.

“We’ve been living in this house off and on since I was diagnosed in April 2019 with a soft tissue sarcoma near my heart,” Kent said.

“We normally live in Minlaton which is a two-and-a-half hour drive so it’s a fair way to be driving each time for treatment.

“This house has been really important, it’s been a home away from home. The location is really good and we can have visitors here for support.”

For Kent’s daughter Paula, who lives even further away on the Eyre Peninsula, knowing her parents are well looked after through Under Our Roof eases some of her stress.

“Dad’s cancer is rare, so we don’t know what treatment is happening week-in to week-out. It continues to change, so this has been a great place they can come home to after receiving chemotherapy or a full day of medical advice,” Paula said.

“Having the kitchen and living area so much like a home, Mum can prepare food here while overseeing Dad’s health and making sure that he’s comfortable.

“It’s perfect for when the grandchildren come down as it allows ample space for them to play board games and get out of Dad’s hair, but it gives Mum the support of the whole family being together.”

As Kent’s carer, wife Marie is most appreciative: “It has taken a lot of stress away from me,” she said.

“There is so much stress when you go through a cancer journey, but I’ve been able to come back to Under Our Roof each day and feel like I’m at home.

“I’d like to thank everyone who allows us to stay here, it really does help the journey be as good as it can be.”

Kent is still fighting his cancer, but together with his family, expert medical team and The Hospital Research Foundation, he is fighting for hope.