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Day 6 Blog – Mercer SuperCycle 2018

SA Power Networks Team Mercer SuperCycle 2018

The best description of today is “long, hot and hard”.

We had a lovely night in Robe, with dinner at the Robe Hotel and visitors from The Hospital Research Foundation and past Supercyclists. We were also joined by some two day riders from the HPS and SA Power Networks teams (fresh meat for doing some work at the front of the pelotons).

One of few vineyards along our way on Mercer SuperCycle 2018.

One of few vineyards along our way on Mercer SuperCycle 2018.

This morning we set off into a beautiful morning with three pelotons. To make things interesting, Peloton 3 went first, Peloton 1 went last, and Peloton 2 somehow ended up in the middle. There was a reason for this, other than to keep the riders awake. 

We faced 190kms of flat road with the prospect of northerly winds and 30 degrees. But the first session of 44kms to Kingston couldn’t have been nicer, with a gentle breeze and a lovely sunrise. In Peloton 3 (which you’ll remember set off first) we had the Dart, the Sentinel, Jimbo and Jonboy leading out the crew at a nice steady pace that made the distance disappear quite quickly. The prospect of coffee by the sea at Kingston may have been an incentive.

We stopped for said coffee and day old cake (yum!) with a nice view of the bay at Kingston, and then set off past Larry the Lobster to continue to head north.

The next few hours was (to quote a rider in Peloton 3) “bloody hard work”. The wind picked up, the heat reflected off the road in an increasing intensity, and the kms ticked away far too slowly. The time was a succession of stops, with the in between bits filled with drips of sweat and concentration on the wheel in front of you.

Riding past the Coorong National Park today.

Riding past the Coorong National Park today.

Anybody who took a turn at the front (or on the right side of the peloton) deserves a big pat on the back, with northeasterly winds and gusts that made the riding very hard work.

We stopped for lunch at Salt Creek Roadhouse, and a very nice roll they provided. They also did quite a good trade in cold drinks, as the riders’ drink bottles were getting to the “tea bag” stage by now (warm water just isn’t that refreshing).

After lunch, we had 25 kms to another picturesque stop by the edge of the Coorong, before the last 35kms that just needed to be done. Peloton 3 (which was still running ahead of the other pelotons) started doing VB ad impersonations, and singing rounds of “I’d love to have a beer with Duncan”, which indicates what their minds were focused on. Fortunately, our welcome at the Meningie Football Club included a beer courtesy of Big Shed Brewing. The other two pelotons cruised in shortly afterwards, and then we dispersed into a chaos of showers, massages and recharging before dinner.

Tonight is a little bit different, as we are “glamping” on the Football Club oval with dinner provided by Tim, Kyle and Kane from food truck Caro Club. By now, most people have showered, had a beer, been massaged and are fairly chilled. Tomorrow is 150kms and we’re home.


Such a delicious dinner thanks to CaroClub

Such a delicious dinner thanks to CaroClub