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Day 5 Blog – Mercer SuperCycle 2018

Sunrise on Day 5 of Mercer SuperCycle coming out of Mount Gambier

After four days of solid work, there were a lot of tired and sore bodies having to be pushed out of bed out of this morning. A lot of sore bums as well, after hours and hours of contact with saddles. But the gorgeous morning that we set off into more than made up for it.

Mercer SuperCycle 2018 - Smiles from Peleton 2

Smiles from Peleton 2 on Day 5

A lovely send off from the Mount Gambier Cancer Support Group and Federal MP for Barker Tony Pasin was a great way to start the day. It’s always good to hear about how the work we do is supported by local communities and government.

A gentle tailwind set us on our way out of Mt Gambier and up the two hills for the day (both mere undulations). We then had a lovely tide through some very flat dairy country with cows on both sides of the road, to the first stop on the edge of a pine forest near the Kongarong to Tantanoola Rd.

This drink stop was enlivened by the happenings when the pelotons set off again. Peloton 1 set off in the wrong direction, got 500m up the road and had to turn around. This was met by a “guard of honour” from Peloton 2, who always appreciate a chance to pay out anyone on SuperCycle. Any rumours that some people in peloton 2 had noticed that peloton 1 were heading in the wrong direction, and failed to tell them so they could be paid out, are completely scurrilous.

What would we do without the Support Crew? Directing riders into the drink stop on Day 5.

What would we do without the Support Crew? Directing riders into the drink stop on Day 5.

The next section was a bit of a grind as the wind got up and turned across us. The windfarms to our left were generating a lot of emission free power, but the CO2 that we were generating probably cancelled that. But after slogging away up a nice quiet road we reached Millicent and a fabulous welcome from the Millicent Lionesses. The morning tea they put on for us was awesome, with homemade sandwiches and cakes to die for. What’s more, they delivered a $500 donation to Mercer SuperCycle in the name of one of their members who was a user of the accommodation funded by our rides, so doubly awesome.

After Millicent, the wind calmed down, the road got quieter, and the kms clicked away. We had a lovely run to Beachport, and lunch by the bay on a gorgeous day. Baguettes and cake provided by Waterfront Café who also threw in half price coffee and soft drinks if you turned up in lycra.

We then headed on the last section to Robe. Sean took the hard decision to become an honorary member of the 100 club and climb in the bus for the last bit. No hills and reduced wind made things a lot easier (especially in the middle of the peloton). Mentos and I had a nice chat about life, the universe, and everything (or some of it anyway). A quick stop in the middle of nowhere on the edge of Lake St Clair allowed riders to catch their breath, and then it was the last run into the beautiful seaside town of Robe. Now we’ve settled into our rooms, had a swim, washed and moved to the pub. Life is good.

Lioness Club of Millicent support Mercer SuperCycle

Huge thanks to the Lioness Club of Millicent for providing us morning tea and supporting our cause with a $500 donation!

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