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Creating a Healing Environment for Patients


Talented Adelaide artist Sarah Boese has transformed plain water tanks into a fantasy story through painting for The Hospital Research Foundation’s Under Our Roof homes.

The two family-style homes were built specifically for country cancer patients who require to travel to Adelaide to receive treatment, easing the burden and stress of finding accommodation while already facing the challenge of a cancer diagnosis.

With country patients and families in mind, Sarah has thoughtfully created a whimsical feel in her paintings and has included exquisite fairies and garden creatures to appeal to the children who for a time call Under Our Roof home.

“I wanted everyone who stays in these homes to feel a sense of calm and be taken on a journey and momentarily get their mind off their situation when looking at these paintings,” Sarah said.

“I’m really happy with how the water tanks turned out, I think they are quite sweet and I’m sure the children will enjoy counting the bugs.”

The paintings were funded through a Newman’s Own Foundation grant given to THRF’s Ambassador Jenny Eyles as she was nominated as one of six influential bloggers in Australia. As part of the nomination, Jenny received a grant to go to a charity of her choice and she chose to direct the funds to THRF and Under Our Roof.

THRF hopes the newly painted water tanks will add to the healing environment of the homes so patients and their families can continue feeling at ease throughout their stay.

Under Our Roof has been supporting country cancer patients for four years now, providing solace for 70 patients and their families to date.

Dr Jones & Partners House

Dr Jones & Partners House

Mercer House

Mercer House