Rider Testimonial – David Michell

This was my first time as a rider in Mercer SuperCycle 2017!  The participation and training bring the participants together for both the physical effort required while supporting and encouraging weaker colleagues and benefiting the community. The physical experience is a real test for the average rider and the fundraising effort is also bigger than […]

Rider Testimonial – Jamie Hollamby

This was my first year participating in Mercer SuperCycle 2017! I know Mark Day through work and he asked me if I was interested a few years ago before I even owned a road bike. I’m now addicted to cycling!!! The best thing about this ride is the feeling you get when you meet the […]

Rider Testimonial – Leeza Fuzi

  “This was my first year taking part in Mercer SuperCycle! During the ride, safety is an absolute number one priority – at no time throughout the 7 days did I feel concerned for my safety. The volunteers were truly outstanding and the organisation goes way above and beyond anything I have every participated in […]

Support Crew Testimonial – Tria Goode

“I’ve taken part in Mercer SuperCycle for the past 2 years, as I enjoy the camaraderie and working for a beautiful cause. Mercer SuperCycle 2017 was a week spent with a group of dedicated people, both riders and volunteers all working to the same goal – to raise money for The Hospital Research Foundation’s (THRF) Under Our Roof […]

Rider Testimonial – Katharine Jordan

“This was my first year participating in Mercer SuperCycle. I have never completed a multi-day event before and as a new cyclist I was encouraged and supported throughout the ride by all participants.  The ride was exceptionally well organised, with rider safety paramount at all times.  The opportunity to ride long distances, through regional towns […]

Rider Testimonial – Stephen Brough

“2017 was my third time riding Mercer SuperCycle. I have also participated in the two previous additions in 2015 and 2016. This really is an event like no other, and this starts months before the ride with training and fundraising events. The best thing about Mercer SuperCycle is seeing direct results of the fundraising, how this […]

Marcus Ryan - Rider Testimonial Mercer SuperCycle

Rider Testimonial – Marcus Ryan

“Mercer SuperCycle stands out from other charity cycling rides because funds raised from the event are invested locally. 2016 was my first year participating in Mercer SuperCycle and hearing the stories of families who have used the Under Our Roof accommodation was really powerful. The pre-ride training is also highly organised, preparing riders well for […]

Anton Marrone - Mercer SuperCycle rider 2016 testimonial

Rider Testimonial – Anton Marrone

“The SuperCycle experience extends beyond the seven days you’re on the road. It’s the whole experience including the months of preparation and training and the camaraderie of the team environment. Over and above the cycling experience, SuperCycle gives you a great sense of achievement, particularly because you’re making a tangible contribution to something much bigger […]