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Mercer SuperCycle is dedicated to supporting regional cancer sufferers.

One of the ways we achieve this is by building family-style accommodation for country cancer patients and their families. Our main beneficiary is The Hospital Research Foundation, however, riders outside of South Australia also support state-based cancer support services such as Bendigo Health Foundation.


The Hospital Research Foundation

The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) is an Adelaide-based charity raising vital funds to support people in hospitals across South Australia through vital health and medical research and improved patient care.

The partnership between SuperCycle and THRF fits perfectly with THRF’s commitment to support families experiencing the heartbreak of cancer in South Australia. Funding for cancer research and patient care represents a large portion of THRF’s commitment to striving towards a healthy South Australia, and helping cancer patients by providing exceptional care and convenient, comfortable accommodation is a significant part of that.


Under Our Roof country cancer patient accomodation

Family style of accommodation for country cancer patients such as Under Our Roof is lacking in Adelaide.

SuperCycle Inc. played a vital role in raising funds to build the first two Under Our Roof homes for country cancer patients, which opened in 2015 in Woodville West in close proximity to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). The unique part of Under Our Roof is that the homes built are designed specifically for families, allowing patients to have the all-important support networks around them, which ultimately aids in recovery and comfort when going through cancer treatment. This style of accommodation for country cancer patients is lacking in Adelaide, and is an identified need by doctors who treat rural cancer patients and is echoed by the patients themselves. You can view more photos of the homes now they are complete, as well as during the build in our gallery.

Since the homes opened, demand has been significant and there is a need to build more family-style accommodation. In 2019, riders and support crew will be raising money to enable the construction of further Under Our Roof homes, again, somewhere close to both the RAH and TQEH – SA’s leading cancer treatment hospitals.

Felicity Plew and Family

Felicity Plew and family.

The Under Our Roof family homes are helping country cancer patients through the toughest times of their lives. People like Felicity Plew and her family.

The Darwin mother of five started experiencing abnormal headaches and problems with talking.

 “I was pregnant at the time with my fifth child and everyone thought I just had baby brain,” Felicity says.

Soon after, she was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumour. After the birth of her son Jessie, the 32-year-old travelled to Adelaide for surgery to remove her tumour.

“The homes have taken away a lot of stress from such a difficult time. The kids have been able to have their own space, somewhere to run around and be normal kids,” Felicity says.

Felicity and her family are grateful to all the Riders, Support Crew, Sponsors and Donors of Mercer SuperCycle for helping make these homes a reality!

You can read more on this inspiring story here.


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For more information about The Hospital Research Foundation visit the website.

Interstate riders can give up to 50% of their fundraising to an additional charity of choice. Please contact The Hospital Research Foundation for more information on (08) 8244 1100 or


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