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SuperCycle Inc. Event Financial Summaries

SuperCycle Inc. (“SuperCycle”) runs an annual cycling event. It generates revenue by raising sponsorship, rider registration fees and holding fundraising events, which cover the costs of running the annual cycling event. To participate in the event, riders and support crew are required to raise donations directly to SuperCycle’s charity partners. SuperCycle aims to cover the cost of running the event each year, with 100% of donations going towards the charity partners.

SuperCycle’s financial summaries for the last six years are shown below;

SuperCycle Financial Summary 2021

SuperCycle Financial Summary 2020

SuperCycle Financial Summary 2019 

SuperCycle Financial Summary 2018

SuperCycle Financial Summary 2017

SuperCycle Financial Summary 2016


SuperCycle and The Hospital Research Foundation

The Hospital Research Foundation is the major charity partner of SuperCycle Inc. and receives 100% of donations from South Australian riders/support crew and at least 50% of donations from riders/support crew from outside of South Australia. Riders from outside of South Australia can choose to donate 50% of their fundraising to an approved alternative charity of their choice.

Below are the donations received by The Hospital Research Foundation since the partnership with SuperCycle Inc. was established in 2013.





Amount (after direct costs and donations to alternative charities* of event)






















*Cumulative total of donations to alternative charities is $145,849 over the years 2015 – 2021


Financial Summary – The Under Our Roof Project

The Under Our Roof Project provides much-needed accommodation for country cancer patients and their families who are required to travel to Adelaide for cancer treatment. Under Our Roof is managed and maintained by The Hospital Research Foundation. Below is a financial summary of income and expenses related to the Under Our Roof Project.

SuperCycle Donations


Dry July Contribution


Construction cost of 2 homes at Woodville West


Purchase of 2 Bowden Properties


Running Costs


Fit Out of Bowden Allowance


Total Remaining Funds Available



Our Sponsors