Mercer SuperCycle 2021 | Experience a ride like no other, for the last time

Training is a crucial part of Mercer SuperCycle. To help you along the way we provide a full training program for you to follow, including group rides for registered participants.

The program is designed to allow riders to:

  • Get to know each other
  • Bring consistency to peloton riding skills and signals
  • Give you a good idea of ride expectations during Mercer SuperCycle

The formal training program begins in September. If you’ve registered before this time, we suggest you hop on your bike and get in as much riding as you can in various formats (road, trainer, flat, hills, peloton, etc) to build your fitness and riding skills. The greater effort you put in prior to departing on Mercer SuperCycle the greater your experience will be.

There is a minimum number of formal training rides which you must meet in order to meet the requirements for the ride. Riders who are new to Mercer SuperCycle will be required to undertake a minimum of 5 midweek rides and 5 Sunday rides. This is compulsory for riders of all levels and will include peloton riding techniques, specific calls and communication methods used during Mercer SuperCycle.

Technique rides are the foundation for a safe and enjoyable event. They include peloton riding techniques, specific calls and non-verbal communication used during the ride (all of which are detailed in the comprehensive “Ride Guide”, provided as part of the registration process).

Group rides are used for the riders to assess their fitness and will become progressively more challenging as the event draws closer which assists in preparing riders for the event. Two of these rides will be a replica of a day on SuperCycle; 120km – 150kms with breaks every 25km – 30kms.

If you’re not located near one of the group training locations you are able to train remotely, following the same concept and requirements of the group rides.

A qualifying time trial is mandatory and required to be submitted as a ride through Strava. It may form one of the five group rides.

Team rides are encouraged and should be organised by team captains to fit in with the formal schedule.

A sample of the training program is below. The full program is available to you after registration in your online dashboard.

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Mercer SuperCycle | Experience a ride like no other.