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Day 3 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Some of our incredible support crew.

About the only bad thing about today is that the weather gave me no opportunity to use the word moist in the blog.

It was a fresh morning in Murray Bridge as we set off for what is traditionally the day that riders find the hardest. This is not due to the route, but due to bodies that are tired, without the adrenalin from the excitement of the first two days. It’s also unusual for people to train for three big rides in a row, so there is no training to draw on. This meant that the lactic acid was burning as we rode through the urban area of the Bridge, and off to Mypolonga. Apparently there was a bit of confusion in peloton 2 when a nameless marshall (hi Ditzy) got confused between 4 and 6 and had not enough people up the front of the peloton.

Heading out of Mannum after our Coffee stop - Day 3

Heading out of Mannum after our Coffee stop – Day 3

We got off the main road as quick as we could and rode down towards the river. A short stop at Mypolonga, and then we continued amongst the dairy farms and river flats towards Mannum. It’s a lovely ride down there, but the three cornered jacks can be nasty, so we had a few flat tyres.

The next stop in Mannum had river views, coffee and CAKE!!!! The calories in caramel cake were very welcome after 50kms, with another 95 to go. The river views were very nice too, and lots of photos were taken by our interstate riders. We then set off towards Mt Pleasant, and the only big climb of the day. Before that, peloton 1 decided it was time to get some singing in, as we rode through the river flats north of Mannum. This came to a quick halt when Norm started singing in French, and ran out of singalong partners.

Peleton 2 in action - Day 3.

Peleton 2 in action – Day 3.

After a short stop in the teeming metropolis of Sanderston (look it up), we headed up the big hill of the day along the Angas Valley Rd. 2.5kms at 7.5% gradient wasn’t too bad, but it was tough enough on day 3. But the riders dug deep and got up it, though not necessarily with a lot of style and panache. Wylie, our resident mechanic, did an awesome impression of a Tour de France spectator on the side of the hill, waving his jumper and giving the riders a little push (no, it’s not cheating). Unfortunately the road didn’t just level out. It decided to undulate all the way to Mt Pleasant, which is harder work than it looks.

A lovely lunch in Mt Pleasant at a little park was followed by a quick dash to Eden Valley (another wine region). More mechanical issues were quickly dealt with, and then even more undulations were faced on the way to the top of Menglers Hill.

Here we met up with a photographer from SA Tourism Commission, who had a few of us standing around or riding around for quite a while. Fortunately the view was worth looking at, with a lovely panorama across the Barossa Valley as far as our accommodation at Rowland Flat.

Day 3 - Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Day 3 – riding for country cancer patients in Mercer SuperCycle 2017

The last 10kms started out well, with a downhill run, but then turned into a bit of a slog along the Barossa Valley Highway. Again, most of the traffic was fantastic, showing patience and giving us lots of room.

The driveway up to our accommodation was a tough 10% climb, but we got there in the end, and are looking forward to dinner at the Yalumba winery.


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    Thanks for that excellent wrapup of day two and three Jon! We enjoyed it very much and could imagine the days ! Weekend cyclists that went home are hungry for the news . Keep up the phenomenal team effort ! Mignon and michael
    ( pearls)


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