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Day 2 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Yesterday’s word was “rolling”. Today’s words are “moist” and “tumbles”.

A moist Peleton 2 make their way through Inman Valley - Day 2.

A moist Peleton 2 make their way through Inman Valley – Day 2.

We set off from Wirrina into a nice morning without too much of a breeze. After a bit of a warmup and a run along the coast, we turned inland towards Yankalilla and Inman Valley. That’s when the day turned moist. Any connection to everybody taking their mudguards off is surely coincidental. Peloton 3 had a stop to get raingear out and mudguards on, before tackling the hill up to Inman Valley. After a quick stop, we continued along one of the loveliest rides in SA before turning off onto Sawpit Rd and facing a few hills. Nettle Rd was the worst of these, and earned the route designer (that’d be me) a few words from his fellow riders. Me taking the first of the tumbles for the day on that hill didn’t seem to stop the flow of views on my parentage.

Apparently peloton 1 also suffered an absolutely catastrophic fall when one of their riders who shall remain nameless (hi Norman) fell off at a stop for a mechanical issue after forgetting to unclip. His choice of place to plummet off his bike gave a soft landing on pine needles, showing him to be quite a discerning rider.

The moisture had disappeared by the drink stop after Nettle hill, but the wind was starting to get up. Thanks to SAPOL for getting us safely across Victor Harbor Rd, which could have taken us a while otherwise.

We had a beautiful descent down Crows Nest Rd, though apparently this didn’t make up for the climb up. Peloton 3 had a nice tour of south Goolwa, which wasn’t on the route notes, but eventually made it to the lakeside and coffee.

A well earned coffee stop in Goolwa - Day 2.

A well earned coffee stop in Goolwa – Day 2.

After coffee, we headed off to Milang, and lunch. There was a bit of traffic on the main road out of Goolwa, but turning off to Finnis onto a quieter road got us away from this. The ride along the Goolwa-Finnis Rd through scrub and the vineyards of Currency Creek was a nice change from climbing hills, despite the head wind.

A quick lunch on the lakeside at Milang (without getting lost), and then a ride through another wine district at Langhorne Creek. The vineyards were due for a prune, so were a nice green show for the interstate riders.

From Langhorne Creek, we had 40kms to get to the end at Murray Bridge. The first 15kms were a bit tough, into a strengthening south-easterly, but this turned very pleasant when we turned north to Murray Bridge. There was a bit of excitement with a shed fire on the road into Murray Bridge, but we steered clear of that and left it to the CFS.

At Murray Bridge we sadly said goodbye to the two day riders, and are about to head out for dinner down by the river. A good day all in all, with a few things happening, but nothing we couldn’t handle.



  1. Judith

    I wish to complain about views on your parentage being expressed.
    Nothing to do with me!!

  2. sean

    From the EY team, thanks to everyone at Supercycle for an amazing couple of days. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience (most of the time, and dummies notwithstanding!). Thanks to the organisers and the volunteers, and kudos to those going on to do the whole week. Looks like the weather gods will smile on you for the rest of the journey.


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