Marcus Ryan - Rider Testimonial Mercer SuperCycle

Rider Testimonial – Marcus Ryan

“Mercer SuperCycle stands out from other charity cycling rides because funds raised from the event are invested locally. 2016 was my first year participating in Mercer SuperCycle and hearing the stories of families who have used the Under Our Roof accommodation was really powerful. The pre-ride training is also highly organised, preparing riders well for […]

Anton Marrone - Mercer SuperCycle rider 2016 testimonial

Rider Testimonial – Anton Marrone

“The SuperCycle experience extends beyond the seven days you’re on the road. It’s the whole experience including the months of preparation and training and the camaraderie of the team environment. Over and above the cycling experience, SuperCycle gives you a great sense of achievement, particularly because you’re making a tangible contribution to something much bigger […]

Gary was part of the Mercer/Marsh team in the 2016 event.

Rider Testimonial – Gary Mayes

“2016 was my first year as a rider in Mercer SuperCycle, which was also the first charity ride I’ve completed in Australia! I was very impressed by how well run and professional the 7-day event was. The support crew were incredible! They supported all riders, no matter what level of cycling ability, getting them across […]