We are thrilled to announce another successful year for Mercer SuperCycle 2017! With your support, we raised over $405,000 for country cancer patients and their families for the The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Under Our Roof project in Adelaide – thank you.  A big thank you to our major event sponsors Mercer and Bendigo Bank for their continued support in making the […]

Peleton 1 at Andrew Miller Wines Dessert Cafe for coffee, day 7 Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Day 7 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

If you have a favourite Supercyclist that you are close with, no doubt by now you have given them a hug (before and/or after washing, depending on personal preference), and patiently listened to them rabbit on about speed, rotations, Strava segments, sore body parts and the wonders of fruit cake. But read on for the […]

Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Day 6 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Today, Mercer SuperCycle 2017 was community engagement day in a couple of spots. We started off the ride into a gorgeous morning at Wallaroo with a wave from Cathy, who has been a great supporter of SuperCycle over its history, and has previously organised civic receptions for us. The pelotons headed east to Kadina, and […]

Day 5 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

There is a strange need amongst some cyclists to round up the distance of their rides to the “next” number. For example, you go round the block 5 times to make sure you do 100kms rather than 98. Given that today’s ride was 183kms from Burra to Wallaroo, it was to be expected that a […]

Worlds End Highway - one of the best rides in SA.

Day 4 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

Now that we are halfway through the ride, it seems a good time for a bit of explanation on how the ride works. The riders are split into groups (known as pelotons, a French word that seems to mean “a bunch of cyclists”) with a car in front and a car with a trailer at […]

SuperCyclist Eric’s Motivation

Eric Young is one of 50 SuperCyclists who is riding 1000km over seven days across rural South Australia to raise vital funds for The Hospital Research Foundation’s (THRF) Under Our Roof project, providing accommodation for country cancer patients and their families who need to travel to Adelaide for treatment. Eric’s motivation for signing up for […]

Some of our incredible support crew.

Day 3 Recap – Mercer SuperCycle 2017

About the only bad thing about today is that the weather gave me no opportunity to use the word moist in the blog. It was a fresh morning in Murray Bridge as we set off for what is traditionally the day that riders find the hardest. This is not due to the route, but due […]

A Life-Changing Stay at Under Our Roof – Paul’s Story

While receiving radiation treatment for his advanced localised prostate cancer, Paul Fennell from Whyalla spent over seven weeks in The Hospital Research Foundation’s (THRF) Under Our Roof homes. The homes, which were made possible thanks to Mercer SuperCycle, quickly became a sanctuary for Paul. “In May of 2014 when I was 60-years-old I was diagnosed […]